Improved security at the next Semester Start Party

Skrevet af Lasse Christian NielsenJesper Snedker Adamsen, (versioning) - Foto: Jørn Albertus - 23. januar 2015 - 15:410 kommentarer
The staggering number of guests at last year's Semester Start Party resulted in bottlenecks and commotion in the entrance areas. Advance ticket sales in relation to this year's party are to prevent this unfortunate scenario.

As a consequence of commotion, violent disputes, and 30 ejected guests at last year’s Semester Start Party Campus Services and CBS Students are to discuss what improvements to implement in relation to this year’s party. Advance ticket sales are on the drawing board. 

In the minutes from the latest Campus Committee meeting it says that “management wants to continue the tradition of the Semester Start Party at Solbjerg Plads. Some conditions for continuing are improved security and waste management, and better toilet facilities.”

René Steffensen, Director of CBS Campus Services, believes that the most important step is to improve security, but stresses that the specific details are still to be discussed. However, progress has been made:

- In order to improve security at the next Semester Start Party, Café Nexus has formed a partnership with crowd control experts. Additionally, CBS and CBS Students are currently discussing the possibility of implementing advance ticket sales.

Outdoor versus indoor capacity

The main building at Solbjerg Plads has a maximum capacity of roughly 2,000 guests, but the outdoor facilities at Solbjerg Plads can handle a significantly larger number of guests. Some 4,000 guests participated in the outdoor events at last year’s party, which resulted in overwhelming pressure and bottlenecks in the entrance areas to the main building.

- The students’ justified expectation that they could continue the party indoors resulted in an overwhelming and unexpected pressure on the entrance areas. If we opt to implement advance ticket sales in relation to this year’s party, the students will know in advance whether or not they can get to participate in the indoor part of the party. That should prevent the unfortunate scenario from happening again and would make for a safer party for everyone, says René Steffensen.

As mentioned earlier, waste management and toilet facilities have to be improved as well. At last year’s party 30 guests were ejected as a consequence of them choosing to urinate outside the designated areas, and after the party Campus Services received several reports describing violent disputes during the event.

- To improve our waste management and toilet facilities are issues that are relatively easy to solve as we can easily put up more garbage cans and containers and increase the number of festival toilets, says René Steffensen.

Improvements increase costs

Furthermore, René Steffensen says that suggestions like increasing the number of security guards and improving the lighting of the outdoor area at Solbjerg Plads to make it safer for students are being evaluated.

The implementation of better lighting, more security, and other initiatives will inevitably increase costs, but advance ticket sales could cover some of the costs.