The international full-degree students need you

From ISA Quiz Night at Nexus with the quiz theme "From Bollywood to Hollywood”, during the International Education week 2013 (IEW 2013).

CBS is a popular place to study, also for international full-degree students. That is why CBS is seeking new student ambassadors to help with the integration of international students, so they feel at home, faster.

38 percent rise in international applicants
Of the more than 20,000 students at CBS, 3200 are International full-degree students (IFDS) – that is, students who arrive from outside of Denmark to do their studies at CBS.

Through the years, it has become more and more popular to study at CBS – also among international students. The latest numbers from the admissions office show a 38 percent increase in the number of applicants, with an international bachelor degree, to the master studies at CBS compared to last year.

- There is not a single reason for the many international applicants, but one of the reasons could be an increased knowledge of CBS through our partner universities, says Anne Mette Hou, the secretariat director of admission and state grants.

Limitations on admission for international students
Even though, there is 38 percent more IFDS applicants this year to enter a CBS program, it does not mean there will be an increase in the accepted number of IFDS.

- We have not set the number of places yet, but we will not necessarily have more than last year, says Anne Mette Hou and adds:

- It is the top performers who get the limited places disregarding their nationality. But unfortunately we will refuse admission to more students this year.

Volunteer student ambassador: it makes a difference
According to Candice Louise Progler-Thomsen, special consultant in International Outreach and Services, it is not about focusing on the students who are refused admission, but about giving the IFDS, who do get admitted, as good a treatment as possible.

This vision is shared and worked hard for by a small group of 67 international student ambassadors (ISA).

One of those students is stud.ling.merc. Cathrine Kjær, who on a daily basis, work towards making the everyday life a little easier for the IFDS. Among other things, she has participated in planning the monthly quiz nights at Nexus, and feels through this, that she makes an effort towards integrating the IFDS. At the same time she feels that she is making a difference.

- CBS wants to be more international, but that requires, that we make the IFDS, who arrive here, feel at home, says Cathrine Kjær.

You can become an International student ambassador too
If you ask Candice Louise Progler-Thomsen, there is a need for more volunteers like Cathrine Kjær, because IFDS has far more aspects to consider than for example exchange students do.

- Besides the volunteer group, all we have at the moment are two interns to take care of the 3200 international full-degree students, says Candice Louise Progler-Thomsen.

The volunteers contribute as much as possible according to their studies and student jobs. Some plan the activities while others promote them.

The common denominator for the work of the ambassadors is that they function as a connecting link in the integration of IFDS at CBS. That’s why, according to Candice Louise Progler-Thomsen, there is a need for both international ambassadors and Danish.

ISA is always looking for new ambassadors who are interested and engaged. If you wish to become an ambassador or hear more about it, do not hesitate to contact us. Find us on Facebook or write us an email.