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Need accommodation in Copenhagen? Outbound from Copenhagen and in need of accommodation elsewhere? Then may be the place to start looking. The international accommodation website offers a free and easy online marketplace for getting housed and finding residents – with needy students as the core target group.

If all you want – or what you have – is a room somewhere is an international online network whose members can rent, sublet and swap accommodation. Signing up as a member with the network is free of charge and lets you access different ’marketplaces’ for trading rooms online. Members can register as either swappers, renters or home owners. Depending on which profile you choose, you will then be able to exchange rooms with, rent from or rent out to other members, respectively.

While primarily intended for exchange students, young travelers and academic professionals from all over the world, welcomes anyone looking to rent or offer housing through their network. So if you need accommodation or have an excess of it – whether you’re on exchange, preparing for full-degree studies abroad, taking up an academic tenure somewhere or just travelling to see places, or if you have a room to spare, want to sublet your own rental or own entire housing facilities you’d like to see packed with people – is for you. even offers guaranteed housing against a small fee. Using their network and many years of experience, they help their members find at least one supplier that covers urgent housing demands – if they don’t, you get your money back.

Endorsed by EU with 30,000 members and growing
- The idea came about in 2003 when I got accepted for a student exchange to London, but had to give it up because I couldn’t find affordable accommodation, says Kasper Daniel Balslev, one of the founders of A graduate from CBS, he owns the website together with two friends who went through similar experiences.

By now the website has attracted about 30,000 members from all over the world and received a sponsorship endorsement from the European Commission in its efforts to facilitate mobility across the European Union. will see an overhaul during the spring after which members will have several new features at their finger tips:

- We are setting up many cool new features such as Google Maps to make it even easier for our subscribers to use our platform, Kasper Daniel Balslev explains and sums up the experience of using

- Actually, my mom has used the website. She meets people from all over the world and they have someone to show them around and help them out. It’s easy and works very well for her.

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