Investigation of introduction activities complete

Skrevet af Mikael Koldby, Office of External Affairs - Foto: Jørn Albertus - 29. januar 2016 - 14:080 kommentarer
Intro camps at CBS must continue to be a fun experience for new students, but the code of conduct has been revised and tightened up to avoid unpleasant incidents and disrespectful behavior in the future. (Photo: from an intro camp at Lohals in 2007).

From CBS has finished an investigation of the university's social introduction activities, which were described in a union journal in December and has concluded that rules have been violated. The initiative "A Good Start at CBS" must ensure that all introduction activities are carried out showing proper respect to everyone.

Tutors violated CBS' rules for good ethical conduct at two introduction camps (off-campus trips for first-year students) during the summer of 2015. This is the result of an investigation launched by CBS, after Djøfbladet brought up the matter in December through an anonymous source.

- There have been social introduction activities of an either sexual or sexist nature during the two camps, which is a clear violation of CBS' rules. CBS' Management assumes part of the responsibility. We have not been fully aware of what was going on at the introduction camps and hindered offensive behaviour, says Jan Molin, Dean of Education.

The investigation has revealed that similar activities have taken place at other introduction camps from 2012-2014. This knowledge creates a precedent for the sanctioning of the tutors who violated the rules at the two events in 2015.

All tutors involved have been reprimanded 

- Some of the social activities are reiterations of activities that have taken place during the previous couple of years. The tutors might have been under the impression that these activities were okay, because CBS' Management has failed to intervene. 

- From a legal point of view we cannot impose any sanctions on the tutors in question; however, in the future, failure to comply with the rules will result in punishment, says Jan Molin, and adds that all 23 tutors from the two camps in 2015 will receive a reprimand.

The investigation shows that all activities have been voluntary, even though some students might have felt a social pressure, and that both male and female students have been driving the sexist activities that have been depicted in the media.

The investigation also shows that the students have different perceptions of what offensive behaviour is; however, this does not change CBS' view of the case.

New start and new principles 

- Regardless of the intentions, introduction activities based on sexual or sexist behaviour at introduction camps are unacceptable. The activities that we have heard of in this case are completely unacceptable, and we deeply regret this and apologise to the affected students.

- Everyone should feel welcome at CBS and introduction activities should be carried out showing proper respect to everyone. We are now taking the proper steps in close collaboration with the students and future tutors, says Jan Molin. He adds:

- With these steps, we hope to send a clear message to our students that it is important to say no to activities that are out of order, and that they can safely come to us, so we can make sure that things are put right, says Jan Molin, Dean of Education.

CBS has introduced "A Good Start at CBS" to tighten up the rules for the social introduction activities. New steps include:

•    Aggravation of general practice: Students will be subject to reprimands, suspension or relegation if they violate the rules at the introduction activities.     

•    Introduction camps are cut shorter so the introduction activities take place over fewer days.

•    Strong alcoholic beverages are not allowed at introduction camps

•    At any time, at least two tutors must remain sober

•    Better training of tutors

•    Better information to new students about the purpose of the introduction camps

•    A stronger management focus on the social introduction activities

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