Join the CBS Case Competition Organizing Committee 2016

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Being part of the CBS Case Competition Organizing Committee is a great opportunity to boost your résumé through unique experiences.

Right now you have the chance to become one of the organizers of CBS’ largest international event, which takes place every year during week 9. As a member of the Organizing Committee you will be part of a group of 32 ambitious students responsible for organizing the 2016 CBS Case Competition.

What is CBS Case Competition?

CBS Case Competition is an autonomous organization responsible for creating the world’s leading case competition for undergraduates. It distinguishes itself by being more than a case competition – social activities are organized for the international contestants, creating a friendly, but yet competitive environment. Throughout the week an innovative event-program open to all CBS students is rolled out at and around campus.

What is the Organizing Committee?

Unlike many case competitions, the CBS Case Competition is entirely student-organized, and is run as a small entrepreneurial and innovative business. The Organizing Committee is always composed of dedicated CBS students and each student is tasked with a specific responsibility; and the ambition is that each year’s competition must surpass the previous one. 

The Organizing Committee groups:

  • PR & Marketing                 
  • Business Relations
  • Finance                              
  • Event
  • IT                                        
  • International Relations
  • Case Writers for Beat the Elite  

For more information on the different tasks and groups, please visit

The OC Experience

CBS Case Competition is committed to creating unique experiences; not only for participants, but also for the members of the Organizing Committee, i.e. the 'OC Experience'...

  • You will be responsible for developing, managing, and executing your own projects
  • You will have a large influence on the final output of the 2016 CBS Case Competition
  • You will work in a collaborative environment with other highly dedicated and talented CBS students
  • You will gain valuable exposure to - and cooperate with - the Danish business community, including one of the largest consultancies in Denmark
  • You will get the opportunity to broaden your international network

How to apply:

If you want to help organize CBS’ largest international event over the course of the next 11 months, please send a motivational letter (½ page), your résumé, and your grade transcripts in a single pdf file to no later than Thursday April 9th. If you have a preference in relation to the various committee groups, please state that in your application.

Please note that we will conduct interviews in week 16 & 17 (April 15th-16th and April 21st-24th).

If you have any questions, please contact one of the Steering Committee members:

Benedikte Friis                                                              

+45 31 35 53 12

Magnus Makholm Michelsen

+45 22 77 32 15