Kick off the new semester at the Semester Start Party

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The organizers guarantee improved security at this year's Semester Start Party.

This year’s Semester Start Party kicks off at 1 pm on Thursday, September 3rd at Solbjerg Plads and all students and employees at CBS are invited to take part in the festivities. The event is organized by CBS Students and Café Nexus, who have promised improved security and crowd management as a consequence of the issues at last year’s party. 

On Thursday, September 3rd the entire main campus at Solbjerg Plads is turned into one massive outdoor party area, and the whole shebang kicks off at 1 pm as CBS Students and Café Nexus invite all students at CBS to celebrate the beginning of the new semester in style.

- There will be foosball tables and other games, lounge furniture and, of course, several bars. Furthermore, DJs, who are also students at CBS, will provide the soundtrack from 4 pm, says managing director of Café Nexus, Kate Pilkington.

At 7 pm, the doors open to the indoor facilities at Solbjerg Plads, which will of course comprise bars, lounge areas and professional, well-known DJs.

To be admitted into the indoor area, you must show your student ID card or your letter of admission and a valid photo ID, if you are still waiting to receive your student ID card; but you do not have to rush to the entrance areas as the outdoor facilities will remain open until 10 pm.

Prominent DJs and free admission

In previous years, the DJ lineups have included prominent names such as Lulu Rouge and DJ Aligator, and Kate Pilkington reassures us that this year’s event will feature some prominent acts as well; however, managing director of Café Nexus, Kate Pilkington, will not reveal the names of the performing DJs:

- The names of the DJs will be revealed on Facebook on the official Semester Start Party event page, which will also feature a number of contests during the day of the party, says Kate Pilkington.

… and the price for participation in this grand event? Naturally, it is free of charge.

- Free entry to Café Nexus is a longstanding tradition and thus entry to the Semester Start Party is of course free of charge for all our guests; i.e. no entrance fees or advance ticket sales, says CBS Students’ president, Daniel Andersen.

‘The morning after’ for the organizers

Advance ticket sales were on the drawing board as a consequence of the issues at last year’s party; mainly the chaos in the entrance areas caused by poorly organized queues and the fact that many guests decided to piddle outside of the designated areas as a consequence of too few festival toilets for the large crowd.

These issues were heavily criticized after the party, both on Facebook and in the commentary section of CBS OBSERVER’s article about the party, which also features a video clearly showing the chaotic scenario. Thus, CBS Campus Services manages security at this year’s party.

- Campus Services has upgraded security in relation to this year’s party by partnering up with G4S, the largest player in the Danish security industry, which effectively means an increase in the number of security personnel at this year’s event, says safety inspector Lars Bergø and continues:

- Furthermore, information screens will be placed at the entrance areas to keep people waiting in line updated on the number of guests occupying the indoor facilities – the maximum capacity is 1,944 – in order to give them an indication of how long they will have to stand in line.

However, chaos at the entrance areas was not the only problem facing the organizers at last year’s party, as a large number of guests chose to piddle outside of the designated areas, which provoked a series of complaints from the local community.

Thus, the organizers have implemented a series of measures to prevent the same scenario from happening this year:

- First and foremost, the number of festival toilets will be increased; secondly, a team of four security guards will solely be focused on catching guests in the act of piddling outside of the designated areas; and offenders will likely have their student ID cards confiscated and then get ejected from the party, says Kate Pilkington.

- Unfortunately, we also experienced a number of violent disputes among our guests at last year’s party. Fortunately, security intervened and prevented escalation in most cases, but we have still opted to hire a number of specially trained security guards this year, says Lars Bergø and continues:

- Furthermore, security will patrol the entire main campus throughout the night until all guests have left the area and we have installed better lighting and video surveillance on campus to make everyone feel safe.

Advice from the organizers: arrive early!

Despite the unfortunate incidents last year, the organizers are certain that this year’s event will run smoothly:

- We expect a constant flow of guests throughout the day and from experience we know that some guests choose to leave early, which gives room for guests arriving later. However, the students must expect that they will have to stand in line at some point during evening, but with a smile and a little patience, we are certain that everything will work out just fine, says Daniel Andersen.

We asked him, if he had any specific advice for the guests and the following was his reply:

  • Arrive early and get in line as fast as possible.
  • Don’t worry, you will be admitted into the indoor facilities (keep yourselves updated via the information screens)
  • And lastly, please abstain from piddling outside of the designated areas: use the festival toilets! Our neighbors are very understanding but naturally, they do not tolerate public urination in their community.