Live music at CBS - no suit required

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In June 2012 Peter Jølving established a new student organization for musicians. On Friday October 3rd four performing artists will take the stage at Nexus.

On Friday October 3rd CBS Jam and Nexus open the doors to 5 hours of live music. A bunch of enthusiastic musicians – and CBS students – will take the stage and show just why live music is so appealing. So come join the crowd as live music is ‘taken to business school’. 

CBS Jam is an organization that promotes and organizes live music events at CBS, and tries to establish a forum where student musicians can interact through their passion for music.

In the period since CBS Jam’s latest concert in April the organization has experienced increased popularity and thereby an increase in the number of members. The organization is looking forward to yet another event at Nexus with live music, high spirits, and a crowded dance floor.

- An increasing number of CBS students are interested in performing at live events and previously these students did not have a forum, but now CBS Jam is here to fill that void… and no matter the genre, be it pop, jazz, rock or something completely different, we are interested in listening to it, says Peter Jølving, Chairman of the Board, and continues:

- Our ambition is simply to provide CBS students with opportunities to play music together. Many believe that CBS is nothing but suits, high heels, and financial analysis, but we are more than that. Our first concert at Nexus undoubtedly proved that.

Musicians and audience equally important                                              

CBS Jam is not exclusively for expert musicians; the doors are open to everyone with an interest in music; expert and novice musicians as well as the most important component of live music events: the audience.

- No party without guests and we encourage everyone to join, whether your preference is to dance your socks off, to just sit back and listen, or to bawl in front of the stage, says Mikkel Lotzfeldt, Deputy Chairman of CBS Jam, and continues:

- Live music is meant to be played in front of an audience. The energy and response from the crowd are what live music is all about.

Live music creates a different atmosphere at Nexus

Both internally and externally Nexus is famed for its massive parties every Thursday; parties that can compete with those of the large night clubs of Copenhagen. The music is loud, the lights are low, and the DJ plays one hit after another.

Thus, it will be a different Nexus party when CBS Jam takes the stage on Friday October 3rd.

Focus will be on everything that makes live music special; especially the unique atmosphere that emerges when performers and the audience interact.

Music enthusiasm rapidly spreading

The organization was established during the spring semester of 2012 and has experienced increasing interest ever since.

- We are thrilled about the massive interest we have experienced since day one; and our participation in the Student Society Day a couple of weeks ago has really boosted interest, says Peter Jølving and continues:

- We have been contacted by several Danish and international students. Actually, on Friday a band of international students from CBS will take the stage to perform their own material.

The 5-hour event will include four live performances by CBS students. Entrance is free and open to all CBS students. You can read more about the event on CBS Jam’s Facebook page.