New book reveals the secrets behind Japanese team dynamics

Skrevet af Jannick Friis ChristensenJesper Snedker Adamsen, (versioning) - 16. marts 2015 - 18:550 kommentarer

Associate Professor and Director of Japanese Research at Asian Research Centre, Lisbeth Clausen, is the author of the book “Team Dynamics and Diversity: Japanese Corporate Experiences”, which provides insights into the mechanics of top-performing teams. The book is launched on April 10th at an event at Kilen. 

Japan has long since been pushed aside as the world’s second largest economy by China. However, with a population of nearly 130 million deep-pocketed and quality conscious consumers, Japan is still an interesting market for Danish companies aiming to establish themselves in Asia.

Furthermore, the Japanese still possess vast and valuable knowledge in relation to one of the central and eternally relevant aspects of the corporate sector: teamwork and how managers can increase the efficiency of teams. Somewhat surprising actually, as the Japanese language does not have a word for ‘team’.

The new book “Team Dynamics and Diversity: Japanese Corporate Experiences” provides answers. The book is the latest from Associate Professor Lisbeth Clausen and the book is launched on April 10th at Kilen. The event also includes presentations by the Japanese ambassador to Denmark and team leaders from two of the case companies that contributed to the book.

Book launch on April 10th at Kilen

With departure in team dynamics and diversity at the managerial level in seven multinationals with operations in Tokyo the book addresses the processes in the interface between traditional Japanese inventions, e.g. the Lean Manufacturing Strategy, and international organizations providing new inspiration and thus catalyze change and innovation.

The case companies are: Bang & Olufsen, Ecco, Coloplast, Novo Nordisk, Microsoft, Sony, and Huawei; and the tendency is that the Danish companies excel in creating a healthy work/life balance. Chinese-based Huawei is an inspiration in terms of tangible results and pragmatic business models, while Microsoft Japan is the top performer in terms of issues related to diversity.

For more information on the book, click here. The page also allows sign up for the launch event and provides the full program for the book launch on April 10th at 2 pm, room Ks54, Kilen. Participation is free of charge and attendees can buy the book at a discount at the event.