Newly elected CBS Students co-presidents picking up the slack

Skrevet af Iben Pedersen SonneTranslated by Felix Kasperek - Foto: Hanna Ollinen - 16. februar 2012 - 15:010 kommentarer
CBS Students' new co-chairmen, Philip Hardø (left) og Niklas Frijs-Madsen, have taken up their predecessors idea of sharingthe chairmanship.

Philip Hardø and Niklas Frijs-Madsen, who were elected as new co-presidents of the student organization CBS Students in December, are now ready to take on the challenges of CBS.

Chairman-duo to lead CBS Students again this year
After a record high turnout at the election to CBS’ governing bodies, the CBS Students’ torch will now be borne forth by the still fairly newly elected co-president duo, Niklas Frijs-Madsen and Philip Hardø. Niklas and Philip, close friends through their study program at CBS, have much like their predecessors chosen to share the CBS Students presidency and the many tasks and responsibilities that come with it. Though the title comes with the prospect of a lot of hard work and a steep learning curve, the duo is optimistic:

- It’s hard work, but it’s very exciting and relevant, Philip Hardø claims.

Niklas Frijs-Madsen and Philip Hardø have spent their first month ‘in office’ swamped in meetings and interviews and now think that they have gotten a solid grip on their network, which means they can start working for real.

Further developing a well-developed organization
Over the last few years, CBS Students has seen great progress; economically, influentially and in getting the organizations’ internal structure completely in place. The former co-presidents put a lot of work into getting budgets, the work flow and the administration under control.

- Anders (Anders Kjemstrup, former CBS Students president, ed.) put a huge amount of work into the organizational side of things, and we’re very happy with being able to take over such a solid foundation, that we can build on top of, says Niklas Frijs-Madsen and gets an approving nod from Philip.

Over the last few years, great progress has been made in the communication and collaboration with CBS’ senior management, which according to Niklas and Philip can be attributed the senior management having realized just how important it is to get the students’ input on the big decisions. Because of this Niklas Frijs-Madsen and Philip Hardø were very pleased to hear CBS’ new president, Per Holten-Andersen, promising the students greater influence at CBS in his New Year’s reception speech.

Spreading the good word, getting others involved
The presidency of a student organization representing approximately 18,000 students comes with quite a handful of major tasks. One of the biggest at hand for the new co-presidents is increasing awareness about the work that CBS Students is doing among not (yet) involved students at CBS. CBS Students is involved in CBS at just about every managerial and has influence on most decisions made, which is why it’s important for Niklas Frijs-Madsen and Philip Hardø to get more students informed the work being done and just how unique a student organization CBS Students really is.

Volunteers are always welcome. Anyone who wants to be an active part of CBS Students can drop by and volunteer anytime (the volunteers will be assigned tasks to complete within their fields of interests and competencies) – all it takes is a knock on the door of the office on Solbjerg Plads’ ground floor.
The newly elected co-presidents started out as project oriented volunteers themselves and have since had only positive experiences from their initial volunteering. They stress things like an enormous network and the many competencies you get to build up as some of the best things they have gotten out of being involved in CBS Students.