CBS’ time as landlord finally over

Skrevet af Felix Kasperek - Foto: Jørn Albertus - 17. januar 2012 - 11:360 kommentarer
Until the beginning of 2012, CBS' has had owners rights to and had landlord responsibilities for a number of dorms - this picture is from the dorm on Finsensvej, taken over in 2004.

From the start of the new year, CBS has unhanded its obligations as housing landlord for visiting professors and student accommodation; mainly to The Housing Fund for International Students and Guest Researchers at CBS (CBS Housing Fund). This has offered a number of CBS-veterans new challenges.

CBS Housing Fund takes over most of CBS’ housing commitments
CBS has been the actual landlord of both CBS’ visiting researcher housing and – with owner rights administrated through the International Office’s Housing Department – the student dorms designated exchange students at CBS; especially those from universities abroad that CBS has partnership agreements with. It has, from time to time, been a demanding task that was never quite part of CBS’ core competencies.

Now it no longer has to be one at all. As a consequence of a precision in the Danish Campus Law, Danish universities can no longer own and rent out accommodation. The universities were given a period to get their affairs in order and dismantle their landlord commitments, a demand that CBS chose to effectuate as fast as possible.

During the past year or so, CBS has negotiated with CBS Housing Fund regarding the fund taking over the role and responsibilities of leaser, administrator and caretaker for CBS’ visiting researcher housing and the CBS Housing Fund’s own collegiate housing in Porcelænshaven and Kongens Tværvej in Frederiksberg. CBS Housing Fund has taken on the maintenance responsibilities for some of the dorms that CBS has placement rights to; Katrine Kollegiet on Finsensvej, the student housing on Svanevej in northwest Copenhagen and some of the other dorms around Copenhagen.

CBS veterans under new administration
It’s been a long process, but from January 1st the responsibility has formally been transferred to the CBS Housing Fund. The takeover will be implemented on February 1st, with offices in Dalgas Have in order to ensure close proximity to CBS’ research environments and The International Office and with the necessary manpower transferred for the tasks. The main part of the staff is a number of former or transferred employees from both the Housing Department and The International Office, who bring their extensive insight in administering student and guest researcher housing with them.

The senior management of the foundation’s new organization is also solidly anchored in CBS. Charlotte Aller, who left CBS’ President’s Office in November after 12 years of employment, will start her new job as Administrative Officer on February 1st. University Marshal Emeritus at CBS, Gert Bechlund, who through his long career at CBS (which recently tallied up to a 40 year jubilee) has been a central in CBS’ senior management in a long row of positions that include Dean, University Director and Campus President, will start on February 1st as well, as chief consultant.

Gert Bechlund’s employment in the Housing Fund amounts to only 12 hours a week and will therefore not affect his other obligations as CBS’ University Marshal Emeritus regarding Green Office and other areas of responsibility. CBS’ Housing Department will henceforth only be responsible for the referral and placement tasks as well as being the first point of contact for international foreign exchange students regarding housing issues.