CBS Students defused again

Skrevet af Bjørn Hyldkrog - Foto: Jørn Albertus - 3. februar 2008 - 9:540 kommentarer
According to the driving force behind the efforts to revitalize MS, Thomas Bo Jørgensen, there were no real arguments for a fusi
The rumors about Moderate Students’ (MS’) imminent demise and fusion with The Student Council (DSR) into one, unified organization, CBS Students, have been somewhat exaggerated.

After a second, extraordinary Moderate Students (MS) general assembly on January 8th, where the fusion plans with CBS Students were discussed and voted on once again, a sizeable minority of MS remains stubbornly unfused.

A two thirds majority vote was necessary in order to go through with the fusion, but the end result was 24 votes for the fusion and 23 votes against – a similar result to the last MS General Meeting’s vote of seven for and six against. As a direct consequence of this result, the present MS leadership has resigned in order to continue their representation of CBS’ students’ interests in CBS Students.

- We were elected on a platform where we stated that we would work towards establishing a unified student organization at CBS, and this is also what CBS' students want. We believe this to be the best solution and cannot support there continuing to be two student organizations, said Camilla Tvernø, resigning MS-chairman.

The driving force behind the effort to maintain MS’ independence and revitalize the student organization, Thomas Bo Jørgensen, was MS-deputy chairman for education in 2005. He is now arranging yet another MS general meeting on February 20th, where MS intends to reconstitute itself and elect a new executive board.

- The CBS Students fusion-project is dead – at least as long as I am here, said Thomas Bo Jørgensen after the MS general meeting.

The challenge ahead is now to revitalize a MS with hardly any members, only a small handful of study board-representatives and no resources from CBS until the next CBS-election at the end of the year. The official CBS will, however, allow MS to retain their office facilities at CBS untill the next CBS-election clarifies the situation.

- The really vexing thing is that we now, instead of banding together in order to best represent CBS' student body, will have to continue our work from a divided position, says CBS Students' temporary chairman, Henrik Thorn.