CBS Students' explosive fusion process

Skrevet af Ida Lunde Jørgensen - Foto: Jørn Albertus - 31. marts 2008 - 12:480 kommentarer
With over 100 Moderate Students members attending, the third and final extraordinary general assembly was the largest by far.
After three gruelling general assemblies in Moderate Students (MS), the merger with CBS Students has finally been settled with 88 votes pro, one contra and three blanks.

The final count showed well above the two thirds majority necessary to vote Moderate Students merger with CBS Students through. But the events that went ahead of the final decision were all but smooth, and a delegation of 15-20 MS-purists, many of whom had contributed to blocking the student organisation fusion at the last two general assemblies held in November and January had left the assembly in anger before the final vote.

On February 20th the meeting had barely begun before the minor group of anti-fusionists called the assembly’s legitimacy into question. Two young men voiced their grievances about not having received formal notifications of the general assembly, even though they were paid-up members, and a third had received a formal notification and invitation but had not paid his membership fee and was thus not permitted to vote. That was the beginning of a heated exchange of opinions.

In the end, CBS Students’ secretary general Gorm Friborg, who had been elected to chair the general assembly, and Thomas Bo Jørgensen, who at the last general assembly had initiated a drive to revitalize an independent MS, left to go through the membership lists accompanied by a few others. Meanwhile, the remaining students sat in awe – in a room filled with rumours of foul play and a feeling of participating in a farce.

CBS Students - united at last

After an hour Gorm Friborg ruled that the general assembly was legal, and that the vote on the fusion could continue. At this, those opposing the merger left the meeting, vowing to establish The New Moderates as an alternative student organization at CBS, shortly before the final ballot. The votes were unequivocal, and the remaining majority greeted the outcome with applause. According to Henrik Thorn, the temporarily constituted chairman of CBS Students, the merger will strengthen student representation at CBS substantially.