CBS Students to the International Rescue

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CBS Students' International Rescue remedy: Vice President Kathrine Lorenzen, heading the organizations' International Committee.

CBS Students have just held the organizations’ first general assembly and has distributed the main spheres of challenge and influence to responsible board, committees and individuals. This time around international students are top of the list

International CBS-students rejoice. Your days in the social wilderness of out-back Copenhagen are over. No longer will you drift aimlessly around campus, forever in the shadows. CBS students have resolved to lead you to the promised land of dynamic student interaction. The spotlight has been turned on you.

The newly reorganised and re-energised student organisation at CBS, now known as CBS Students, has placed the social welfare of international students at the top of its list of priorities for the future. This is apparent after the organizations’ general assembly on Thursday 6th March. CBS Students now has four vice-presidents, each responsible for an area the union sees as a key aspect of student life: Business, Student Politics, Networking and International.

CBS Students’ new IVP

The role of Vice President to be Head of the International Committee was decided in an election at the general assembly. After a dramatic evening, in front of 66 delegates, the election was won resoundingly by Kathrine Rostrup Lorentzen with 54 votes.

After a passionate campaign speech, outlining her visions and hopes for the future, Kathrine was thrilled to be elected.

- It is so important for all of CBS’ students to get involved in their school. There is so much to do and if we just take the time we can have a huge amount of influence, she exclaimed.

With infectious enthusiasm, Kathrine hopes to use all of her knowledge and hard work to provide international students with a much richer experience during their time at CBS. As a second year student on the BA English and American Studies-program, her main interests are both international and political, which will help her enormously with the rigours of the role.

Although a Dane by birth, Kathrine speaks with a broad Massachusetts accent following a two year period living and working in Boston. Whilst there, an already strong interest in languages and culture was cemented further through a variety of activities including assistant teaching, au pair work, culture studies and even a translating job at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Student politics veteran

Kathrine’s political background is equally strong, having previously been the head of the student council at her high school and being part of the BA Student Council here at CBS.

- I wanted to be a part of the new CBS Students, as I have always been involved in student politics, she says.

With her focus now firmly on the international students at CBS, Kathrine is looking very much forward to taking up the task before her.

- A lot of international students are not even aware we have a student organisation here at CBS, she notes.

In the short term, her main aim is to establish a settled framework and to create a meeting point for international students in CBS. She is determined to raise awareness of CBS Students as an option that international students can use if they need any help or support, or even just want to "hang out". She is aware that the role will initially take a lot of personal time. The paperwork surrounding the merger of the two previous student unions is a large undertaking in itself. Also, she would like to open up a wealth of new connections and urges anyone who wants to be involved to get in touch.

- Any kind of input is more than welcome, says Kathrine.

Not just parties

One of the key goals of the new International Committee is to establish strong ties with the CBS International Office. It can often be the case that overseas students, be they on exchange or full time, can feel lost and lonely on arrival.

The first port of call for many is the International Office, and Kathrine views working in partnership with the official CBS as essential. In particular CBS Students should be actively helping with the buddy programme and aiding the networking between Danish and overseas students. Many Danish students have already volunteered in the role of welcomers and facilitators.

- I don’t just want short term connections, like intro guides or arranging parties. The idea is to create a strong network, not just a weak commitment, Kathrine claims.

In the long term, the goal is to establish regular events for international students that Danish students can attend as well. Cooking classes, organised trips and international themed parties are early suggestions.

So let’s party

For an international student wondering, "What’s in it for me?", Kathrine states that the focus will be on students at CBS as well as learning from other student organisations overseas. International students are urged to get in touch, participate and find out what is going on. They can expect to find an international committee responsive and willing to help, where students understand student-related issues. Relationships can be established at a less authoritative level.

The possibility of a big opening party to explore new networks may be something to look forward to in the near future. Kathrine reminds everyone to remember to keep checking e-campus, look out for notices, or preferably visit the student office to keep an eye on future events.

- I have to keep it realistic. I can’t change CBS overnight. I have short term goals and long term goals. Maybe the long term goals won’t be fully achieved while I’m here, but I’d like to lay the groundwork for the future, says CBS Students’ new International Vice President.


CBS Students International

Kathrine would like to receive feedback and fresh ideas and can be contacted on:  

CBS Students welcomes visitors at their office, which is located in: Dalgas Have 15 and Solberg Plads 3, 2000 Frederiksberg. Tel: 38153930/38153900. Mail: