CBS Students are getting organized

Skrevet af - Foto: Attila Danku - 3. april 2008 - 15:340 kommentarer
VPs Katrine, Robin, Carina and Maja - and CBS Student President, Henrik Thorn (right).
Having laid the traditional battle for supremacy between Moderate Students and the Students’ Council to rest once and for all, CBS Students has held its first general assembly and elected a president and four vice presidents.

CBS Students' new vice presidents head up each their organizational focus committee – Kathrine Rostrup Lorentzen, (International relations), Robin Bentley (Business), Carina Berg (Student Politics) and Maja Nyvold (Network). Along with these a ten member council was elected along with two alumni representatives and two substitutes.

According to CBS Students’ president, Henrik Thorn, the establishment of this unified new student organization for CBS will herald in a time where new student initiatives are going to crop up not only with great frequency, but also with the necessary organizational and economic back up to realize them at CBS. Among the upcoming initiatives he could mention student organization-driven photocopy services at a third of the present price, access to handing in written assignments digitally, a higher focus on establishing and supporting student societies, networks and clubs and increased, professional support for the student representatives on the study boards.

This is just the beginning. On the drawing board are initiatives such as improving the quality of induction weeks, negotiating cheap insurance offers, establishing cooperation with job-portals regarding student jobs, establishing better student web platforms, cheaper café-prices and the establishing of a 100.000 DKR fund for helping to start up initiatives. CBS Students also aims to use the organization to back up CBS in the schools efforts to improve the government funding, which at present is the lowest per student in the whole Danish educational system.