Number of internationals in CBS’ graduate programs increasing

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From The number of applicants for CBS’ graduate programs has just been tallied. CBS has experienced a 26 percent increase in applicants compared to last year, and among those are many international applicants.

From CBS’ graduate programs are popular. 8,243 first priority applicants have applied for a place in one of the graduate programs at CBS, new numbers show. That’s an increase of 26 percent compared to 2013.

The number of applicants has been increasing over the last years, but the last time CBS saw an increase of this size was in 2009.

Among the applicants is a 38 percent increase in students with an international undergraduate degree and especially German and Italian students are attracted to CBS.

It shows that CBS has been successful in its efforts to get international recognition, says Head of Secretariat Dean’s office of Education, Wilbert van der Meer:

- We’re very pleased with the increased interest in our graduate programs. The popularity can be attributed to the fact that the programs have a high academic level and excellent job opportunities upon completion. The fact that many international students apply for it confirms that CBS has a good reputation internationally, says Wilbert van der Meer.

More profession-bachelors apply
There’s also been a significant increase in applicants from Danish educational institutions. An interesting point is that applicants with a Danish educational background from outside universities has increased with 73 percent as compared to last year.

It’s a consequence of CBS being applied to by an increasing number of students with a so-called profession-bachelor’s degree. They’ve applied, in particular, to programs such as e-Business and Service Management both of which have experienced a large increase; e-Business had more than twice the number of applicants this year, as compared to last year.

The biggest increases
This year’s biggest winner is the MSc program ‘Supply Chain Management’, which has seen an increase of over 100 %. The MSc program ‘Brand & Communications Management’ has seen an increase of 64 %.

If the total number of spots (1,400) remains unchanged, many qualified applicants will have to be turned away at the door this year, says Head of Admissions and State Grants Anne Mette Hou.

The number of spots will be determined on May 15th and the applicants will receive word from CBS on June 15th.
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