Oikos Academy 2013 out to broaden your horizon

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Oikus Academy hosted their first lecture on sustainability on Tuesday September 10th, this year’s topic being Urban Sustainable Living. Do you care about sustainability or are you curious to learn more about the topic? Then consider joining Oikos in their pursuit of a sustainable economy! 

What’s all the fussabout sustainability?
Sustainability has become one of the buzzwords of our time – but what does it actually mean?

According to Nikolay Ivanov, president of Oikos Copenhagen, there are no unambiguous answers to the question. He finds that sustainability is a much more complex field than one may initially think. It is therefore one of Oikos' goals to shed light on the rather elusive topic.

For those of you who’re still wondering what Oikos is, Oikos was formerly known as 360° Students for Sustainability. The CBS student organisation changed its name this spring in order to join the international network for sustainable economics and management. Together with their newly obtained affiliates in 42 cities around the world, the organisation strives to put sustainability on business and political agendas and thereby spur change.

To help cultivate an understanding of sustainability at CBS, Oikos hosts an academy every year. Here professors, company representatives and students gather to share their knowledge related to sustainability. At Oikos academy, you can attend lectures (this year the lectures will be about Urban Sustainable Living) and thereby engage in a dialogue with prominent academics and business practitioners.

Sustainability is a hot topic and the lectures offered by Oikos academy can give you in-depth knowledge that could be valuable for your future career , so don’t miss out!

Oikos Academy and Case Competition
The Academy consists of four lectures spread over the course of the fall. All four lectures are easy-going with no required readings. Each lecture consists of a 45 minute talk, followed by a discussion.

Professors and companies have been invited to share their research and experiments in order to inspire students to get involved. To follow up on the four lectures, Oikos will host an exciting case competition, which provides interested students with the opportunity to engage in their own research based on the acquired knowledge.

If you attend at least 3 out of the 4 lectures you will receive a diploma once the academy is over. The diploma is a precondition for participating in the case competition. This year’s company is yet to be revealed, as Oikos doesn’t want to spoil the surprise just yet.

Do you want to be a part of Oikos?
The Oikos Copenhagen organisation is divided in to three main activity groups; namely Oikos Academy, Develop Price and Event lab.

Develop Price is based on social entrepreneurship and collaborates with CSE on a competition regarding social entrepreneurship.The Event Lab organizes small and related events, arranges company visits and last year they hosted a sustainable Christmas fair at Solbjerg Plads.

Join the movement – sign up and attend
The first lecture was under the heading: 'Cities as drivers for sustainable transition'. The guest speaker was from Sustainia, an organization seeking to invoke optimism by sharing examples of inspiring and innovative corporate solutions. Sustania recently published their 2013 book about sustainable corporations.

The remaining three lectures will take place on September 24th, October 8th and October 22nd. The Case competition will take place November 5th and you can sign up at Oikos webpage or at the door. On the webpage you also find the individual lectures and the names of the speakers.

For the facebook event, please follow this link.