Oikos is the new green initiative at CBS

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Develop Prize 2015

If you liked the green initiatives from CBS Goes Green, you will most certainly be interested in the new student organization Oikos Copenhagen. The organization works to promote sustainable business solutions and from March 24th you can get to know the new student organization at the Green Week event at CBS. 

Oikos Goes Green

Students with an interest in and desire to promote sustainability now have to get used to the name ‘Oikos’ instead of ‘CBS Goes Green’.

The new normal is spawned by the fact that the new student organization Oikos Copenhagen has taken over the student related activities within the realm of sustainability after revision and restructuring of CBS’ sustainability strategy, which by the way, remains unfunded throughout 2015.

According to CBS’ most recent Environmental Report from 2013 it is pressing that CBS increases the involvement in green initiatives if the goal of a 40 percent reduction of CBS’ carbon emissions before 2020 is to be met.

Thus, Oikos has volunteered to organize the upcoming Green Week 2015. The annually recurring Green Week event was initiated in relation to the CBS Goes Green project.

Green Week focuses on sustainable careers

This year the event focuses on how to create a sustainable career.

- The focus is how to obtain a steady job that makes sense to you, in the short run as well as the longer run, and we also focus on careers that provide you with opportunities to make a positive impact on the world, says this year’s Green Week event coordinator, Ragnar Martens, BSc in Organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

So, at this year’s Green Week at Solbjerg Plads, March 24th to March 26th, you can find inspiration to start your sustainable career and the event also offers opportunity to learn how sustainable solutions are applied within the finance, energy, and transport sectors.

Oh and you can also test drive electric cars from Tesla and BMW.

...and then there’s the Oikos Academy

Green Week, which is financed by CBS, is not the only green initiative in Oikos’ portfolio, which is partly financed by funds from the Velux Foundations’ donation of DKK 15m to the CBS Velux Professorship.

With financial support from the Danish Business Authority the Oikos Academy organizes a series of six events during the spring semester. At these events you can participate in lectures, panel debates, and on one occasion, an excursion to see how applied sustainable business solutions work in the corporate sector.

And besides new knowledge, you get a diploma if you participate in at least four of the six Oikos Academy events.

…and finally there’s the Develop Prize

The Oikos Develop Prize, another new initiative, was introduced on February 18th at a grand kick-off event.

The prize is awarded to the winner(s) of the competition that asks participants to develop new business ideas that can make a difference in developing countries, and in addition to the trophy and the honor, the winners will receive an aid package to help realize their project.

The chairman of the CBS chapter of Oikos, Felix Harrer, who is currently looking to complete the final semester of the MSc in International Business and Politics program, points out that:

- The most interesting aspect of working with sustainability is that it forces us to think out of the box and break away from the traditional business school framework and we are experiencing that businesses are becoming increasingly interested in potential employees with expertise and knowledge within sustainability.

And thus on a final note, Felix Harrer encourages all students at CBS to join the sustainability movement and Oikos Copenhagen, which has more than 40 active members at this point. 


You can learn more about Oikos here. 

You can read more about Green Week in the attached event program and on the Facebook page dedicated to the event. 

Click here to sign up for the variety of sessions during this year's Green Week. 

Click here for more information about the Oikos Academy and here for information on the Develop Prize. 


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