Opening of the new Graduate House subject to further delays

Skrevet af Bjørn HyldkrogJesper Snedker Adamsen, (versioning) - Foto: Jørn Albertus - 24. marts 2015 - 20:520 kommentarer
The new Graduate House.

On CBS’ intranet, CBSshare, it has been announced that the new Graduate House will not be available for lectures after the Easter holidays after all. Instead management has decided to put the building into use after this year’s summer holidays. 

New Graduate House to be put into use after summer holidays

The reason for further delays in relation to putting the new Graduate House into use is that the project steering committee has concluded that it is very uncertain whether or not the contractor will be able to complete the project within the time frame of the revised plan.

Thus, management has decided that the Graduate House will be taken into use from the start of this year’s fall semester. This means that the timetables for the various MSc in Economics and Business Administration programs must be rescheduled once again in relation to the remainder of the spring semester.

University Director Peter Jonasson Pedersen gave this comment on CBSshare:

“It is very frustrating that the lecture halls at the Graduate House are not yet ready for use and that we are forced to reschedule timetables once again. The situation negatively affects lecturers and students, and additionally, we are forced to increase our administrative efforts in order to make the rescheduling of timetables fit everyone’s wishes.”

At this point management is simply not willing to take a chance on a contractor who, according to management, “repeatedly has been unable to meet deadlines”. Thus, to avoid more changes and further delays, management has decided that the new facilities will be put into use in relation to the start of the fall semester.

“At this point we estimate that the contractor will not be able to stay on schedule and thus we have pushed the deadline until after the summer holidays. This means that we can start rescheduling now instead of having to do it during the Easter holidays.”, says University Director Peter Jonasson Pedersen on CBSshare.

Revised timetables to be released during week 13

Classroom and Conference Services are reportedly already rescheduling timetables and it is expected that the revised timetables will be made available during this week.

As the revised timetables are completed, Classroom and Conference Services will mail affected departments and lecturers encouraging them to reply if they are not able to fit the revised timetables into their schedules.

And after the final revision of the new timetables, they will be released to the students.

Facilities open for other activities than lectures

Solely teaching activities in the new Graduate House will be postponed until after the summer holidays, i.e., as soon as the facilities have been fully renovated students will be able to use the new group rooms, study seats, and etcetera.

Furthermore, according to information on CBSshare, staff members will likely be able to start moving into their new offices in late April.

Additionally, it is expected that examinations will be held in the new facilities starting late May; thus, examinations will be held at other locations until week 22. Classroom and Conference Services will contact everyone directly affected, i.e. students and lecturers as well as relevant administrative staff.

For more information regarding the rescheduling of timetables or delays regarding the Graduate House, please do not hesitate to contact relevant administrative staff at