Out to Beat the CBS Case Competition Elite

Skrevet af Naima Yasin AbdiFelix Kasperek, versioning - Foto: Esben Zøllner Olesen - 29. februar 2012 - 10:580 kommentarer
Last year’s Beat the Elite winning team (from left) Elin Larsson, Max Jäger, Hanna Ögren and Svenja Troll was an all-CBS team.

CBS Case Competition has invited all Danish, Swedish and Norwegian students to battle the 11 elite teams from universities and business schools from all over the world, when CBS’ prestigious case competition takes place this week. Everyone can send in their solution to the same real life case the elite teams have to solve and participate in the Beat the Elite case competition.

Promoting the Beat the Elite competition
The organizing committee behind this year’s CBS Case Competition wanted to expand the Beat the Elite competition this year, in order to make room for different takes on solving the case stemming from more than just business students. In order to do this, they toured Scandinavia in their bus, aptly named the ‘Beat the Elite Explorer’.

They student promoters started out in Bergen, Norway on January 26th, continuing through universities in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, ending their promotional tour of the internet based case competition, running simultaneously with the CBS Case Competition, with stops at Aarhus University, The University of Southern Denmark and The Technical University of Denmark.

One of the new initiatives from this year’s Beat the Elite group was a matching making system on Facebook, where students from all over Scandinavia have had the opportunity to register and be put in touch with students from all sorts of other disciplines than their own, studying at other Scandinavian universities. With this initiative, CBS Case Competition’s Beat the Elite group hopes to see more varied and versatile solutions to the case. This matching process closed on Thursday, February 23rd, but it was still possible for students to participate in the competition, if they themselves created and registered their groups before 10 am Wednesday the 29th of February.

Finalists to present solutions at CBS
The internet-based competition started when the CBS Case Competition case was published on Wednesday February 29th at 10 am. The participants of the Beat the Elite competition will work on the same case as the elite teams of the CBS Case Competition.

From the incoming case-solutions, five finalist groups will be chosen to present their solution in ten minutes. These will be flown in, in order to do so on Friday March 2nd from 9 to 12 in the morning. This will take place in the management conference room on the 5th floor of block D on Solbjerg Plads, and the Beat the Elite finals will be open to the public. The winning team will be invited to the CBS Case Competition Award Banquet and gets to choose a personal company day with one of CBS Case Competition’s preferred partners (http://www.casecompetition.com/bte/prize).

Great expectations of alternative solutions
Jacob Duus Davidsen, MSc BA Finance and Accounting student and Beat the Elite organizing committee member, says that the group has big expectations for the case solutions provided by students from other areas of expertise. Their expectations are that the solutions are more comprehensive and well rounded.

Students who aren’t used to working with business cases, but still choose to take part in the Beat the Elite competition gets the chance to add a differentiating qualifying aspect to their Curriculum Vitae and improve their Scandinavian network. Last but not least, they get a chance to test themselves by presenting a business case solution in front of a jury in the finals.