Packing, unpacking and packing again

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CBS' international full degree students aren't expected to stay in Copenhagen for the full two, three or five years. To the contrary, they're expected to avail themselves of the same exchange or double degree opportunities as Danish
students. So now you're abroad already, it's time to think seriously about going abroad.

Copenhagen is a brilliant city to study in. It's got a great business school, girls, boys, beer and whatever else takes your fancy. However, if you can bear to tear yourself away, the deadline for applying to study for a semester abroad will be on you quicker than you can say "a return ticket to Stansted please".
The information meetings have already taken place through September, and CBS' International Office accepts no more applications to study abroad after 3 pm on December 1st. so if the information meetings slipped your notice, the time has come to check out exactly what is available to you - and if it is something you'd like to do.
As the International Office's page on e-campus explains, choosing the right study program requires hard work and dedication. Preparation for a period of study abroad will require considerable time and thought on your part. There are no ready-made trips available, and the International Office cannot tell you where to go or whether or not the exchange venues offer the courses necessary to get credit transfer in your study program. So it's your job to find an exchange university or business school with a study program that best suits your own academic and personal interests and needs.

Going on exchange
All full-time students at CBS are eligible to apply for a semester of study overseas to supplement their overall degree course. The opportunity is offered to students completing their masters and taking bachelor courses both.
Studying abroad through an exchange program allows students to enjoy all of the cultural experiences, life changing interactions and all round personal development that opening the senses can lead to. Also, heading overseas doesn't mean that graduation has to be delayed. Credit transfers allow courses studied abroad to be added to the degree program at CBS enabling students to finish their studies on time.
In most cases, even if you don't end up studying in Hawaii, a semester abroad can be deeply rewarding. As one student who spent half a year in England's second largest city, Birmingham, at Aston Business School explains:
- Even though Birmingham isn't London, my stay in the Midlands provided me with great cultural insights into "normal" English people. It also gave me a chance to experience a variety of classes and valuable insights into British daily society in general. Aston Business School was a very good university with amazing lecturers and courses well suited for my CBS degree.

Do research now
A number of options are open to anyone who is interested in applying for a study abroad. These include taking advantage of CBS' exchange program, striking out on your own as a free-mover or even enrolling on the international CEMS or GLOBE programs, where CBS collaborates on cross-border study programs with other universities and business schools.
Full details of overseas study semesters and the applications process are explained fully in the International Office's "Great Expectations" publication. This is available to download from e-campus or can be picked up in person at the International Office.
If you still need convincing about the merits of experiencing new horizons, check out the ‘Travel Reports Search' page of e-campus' International Office section. Here a wealth of students, past and present, have recorded their thoughts, feelings and experiences of their term time away from CBS. Then go pack.