Pass the GMAT with flying colors and pay with volunteer work

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The math part of the GMAT test can make a lot of students despair. But now you can pay for some of the preparation by helping others with something you’re good at.

The math part of the GMAT test can make a lot of students despair. But now you can pay for some of the preparation by helping others with something you’re good at.

As part of the admission procedure, CBS and ASB have, along with most other business universities started including the American GMAT test. Mindful GMAT Foundation helps you pass, and as payment you help your own local community.

GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test and is an American test used at more than 2,000 universities all over the world, as part of the basic requirements for a master’s degree in business.

The test consists of an essay portion, a grammar portion and a math portion and according to Dutchman Martijn Han, the math portion is particularly challenging.

That’s why Martijn Han started helping others study for the test back when he himself was a student, and in 2009 he started Mindful GMAT Foundation that offers courses in how to pass the math portion of the GMAT test.

- We’re called ‘Mindful’ because we want to help our students by achieving their full potential. But also because during the entire process we do our best to keep the student as a person ‘in mind’, says Martijn Han, who currently travels a lot between the headquarters in Amsterdam and Copenhagen, where the organization is currently setting up shop.

Pay with local volunteer-work
Now, if you’re thinking that ‘Mindful GMAT Foundation’ just sounds like one of those companies that make money by selling extra courses to students, then you’re wrong. In fact, the organization takes ‘mindfulness’ quite literally.

We all learn in different ways, and there needs to be room for that. So in order for giving each participant as good an experience as possible, we’ve set our maximum number at 8 students per course, says Martijn Han.

What sets Mindful GMAT Foundation apart is the attendees’ payment. The price for non-students is kr. 2,800, while students only have to pay kr. 2,400. But as a student, you have the opportunity to pay some of the price by doing volunteer work and thereby getting the price down to around kr. 1,700.

Help the kids and you help yourself
The method is currently under development in Copenhagen, where the organization is working on finding partners; the volunteer doesn’t go to the Mindful GMAT Foundation as you might think, but rather to local stakeholders.

- Just like we want to help our students reach their potential, we like to help others in need. That’s why we offer volunteer work for at risk youths, so they get a chance to develop their potential.

Are you good at playing tennis? Perhaps you have skills in photography? If you want to help at risk youths, a few hours of teaching within your area of expertise could be your coupon for GMAT-discount.

Does it sound like something of interest?
For more information on the GMAT test, click here.

To sign up for the preparation courses of Mindful GMAT Foundation before the test, click here. That page will be shut down on May 6th though, after which this page will be the place to go.

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