Record numbers of applicants for graduate programs at CBS

Skrevet af Sidsel GreenJesper Snedker Adamsen, (versioning) - 19. juni 2014 - 17:120 kommentarer
Only 27 percent of applicants for graduate programs at CBS hold a bachelor’s degree from this institution.

This year, CBS has received a record number of applications for its master programs. The overwhelming interest pleases the Admissions Office while also recognizing that it is unfortunate to disappoint the many applicants who did not make the cut. 

This year, 8,243 students chose to apply for a master program at CBS, which is an increase of 26 percent from 2013, and this is a development welcomed by CBS.

- Naturally, we view this as an indication that CBS is a popular institution, which is flattering, says Anne Mette Hou, Head of Admissions Office, as CBS OBSERVER catches her for an interview just as the official admission notifications have been mailed.

- At the same time, it is hard having to disappoint the many applicants who unfortunately were not offered admission to their preferred program. As a consequence we have been confronted by many disappointed students in the Student Hub today, and we have tried to be supportive and to explain to them why they were rejected, she adds.

Increasing numbers of applicants screened out

Many have experienced disappointment in the application process; a total of 45 percent of applicants have been rejected even though many of them actually met the admission requirements.

- There has been an increase in standard evaluations and at the same time the students have become increasingly good at investigating whether or not they meet the admission requirements before they apply. The consequence has been that more are rejected on the basis of screening processes, says Anne Mette Hou.

Depending on the specific program, the screening process focuses on grades, subject areas, motivational applications, and the like; and as more applicants have been through the screening process this year, the Admissions Office has been forced to apply more resources.

Admissions Office working overtime

- We have really struggled and many of my employees have been working overtime massively. This is of course caused by the overwhelming number of applicants, but also by our dedication to a fair process: It is significantly important for us that everything in the process is conducted in a competent fashion, says the Head of the Graduate Secretariat.

This means that all motivational applications etcetera have been carefully evaluated so that all applicants who met the admission criteria have had equal opportunity to obtain admission to the master programs.

The conclusion of the process is that 4,475 students have been offered admission, 44 percent of which have completed or will complete a bachelor program at CBS.

This percentage is likely to have increased a little when the fall semester starts, as CBS students to a larger degree traditionally tend to accept an offer of admission.

Up to 54 percent international applicants

- However, it is the other way around in relation to international students. This year, an astounding 54 percent of all applicants have an international educational background; however, this percentage will have decreased significantly come the fall semester, Anne Mette Hou explains and elaborates:

- First and foremost, more international applicants are not able to meet the basic admission requirements. Secondly, more of those who are offered admission end up rejecting the offer, for instance because they have received other offers or because they realize how expensive it is to live in Copenhagen.

Admissions Office regards the numerous foreign applicants as a clear sign of the fact that CBS has build a really positive image for itself around the world; a reputation that is appealing to talented researchers and contributes to the betterment of exchange agreements.

Low unemployment rate also a factor

However, image and reputation is not everything; Anne Mette Hou is certain that also the essence of the programs offered at CBS has led to the soar in graduate program applicants this year.

- Here at CBS we produce people for the job market and the students are aware of this. Particularly, we are experiencing a large increase in applications for our financial graduate programs, an area within which it is traditionally easy to find a job after graduation, she says and continues:

- We likely have to recognize that in times of crisis students tend to put great emphasis on the prospects of whether or not there will be a job market waiting for them after graduation, she says and points to an increase of 30 percent on many of the economics graduate programs.

Prospects of a limited application round in August

If you are among the unfortunate applicants who were denied admission on June 15th, you should consider applying again during the late application round in August. However, as of now only applicants for the MSc in Business Administration and Philosophy are guaranteed admission.

- It is possible that other graduate programs will open up for additional admissions if substantial numbers of admitted students do not wish to accept the offer of admission, but as a consequence of the great number of applicants in the first admission round, my fear is that additional intake will be extremely limited, Anne Mette Hou concludes.