Rent out a room and get a Kinder Suprise

Skrevet af Helle-Lise Ritzau KaptainTranslated by Felix Kasperek - Foto: © Sergio Hayashi | - 27. juni 2013 - 15:190 kommentarer
Perfect matchmaking: you have a room you want to rent out – and you get lots in return. Including a nice additional source of income.

Many international students who start at CBS this fall have yet to find a place to live. If you have a vacant room, you can get three things at one – at least!

This fall semester, CBS will be welcoming more foreign exchange students than The International Office have been able to provide housing for. As a consequence they’re currently looking for CBS students who live in the greater Copenhagen area and have a room to spare.

The rental period is usually a semester at a time, starting in the middle of August. That means that you’ll get half a month’s rent the first month and then an extra monthly payment until the semester ends in December.

And the rental income, which is usually around DKK 3,500 to DKK 5,000 per month and thereby a nice supplemental source of income for a stretched budget, is just one of the Kinder Surprises. You also get to expand your horizons, learn about foreign cultures and in the best case scenario, get a new friend, as well as the possibility to learn or practice a foreign language.

Wants and needs taken into account
All you have to do is offer a furnished room that has a bed, a place to work, internet access and access to a kitchen and bathroom.

The International Office facilitates the specifics between the lessor and the lessee. The facilitation is done on the basis of a small number of criteria regarding the student and the lessor: the student’s sex, age, nationality, academic program, smoker/non-smoker, allergies and maximum rent.

The International Office tries to prioritize the lessors in the order they sign up for housing and their specific demands. The office tries to accommodate as many of the lessors wishes as they can, but the more demands they have, the harder it’ll be to find the right match.

Set your price for all included – almost
Many female students prefer to live with female hosts, and to avoid students terminating the contract in the middle of the contract, The International Office tries to meet the preferences of both students and lessors. Additionally, the office tries to take into account whether or not you want a lot of contact with the student.

The students only bring their clothes and books. That means the rooms have to be furnished and have to have access to kitchen and bathroom. As a minimum, the furnishing must include: lamps, a dresser/closet for clothes, a bed with a mattress and a desk with a chair. It must also have internet access.

The office has informed the student that he/she must bring bedding and towels but if it’s offered by the lessor, it’s a definite advantage. Use of electricity, water, gas and heat is considered included in the rent, so it must be taken into account when deciding what the rent should be.
In case of questions, contact The International Office at CBS to learn more: Telephone: 3815 3054 or email: