Research-talent nominated at the Department of Finance

Skrevet af Mikael KoldbyFelix Kasperek, translation - 11. februar 2013 - 11:560 kommentarer
Úlf Viðar Níelsson – DFF Young Elite Researcher 2012, of the Department of Finance at CBS.

Assistant Professor Ulf Nielsson from CBS has been nominated as one of this year’s research-talents by The Danish Council for Independent Research.
CBS Assistant Professor with ‘courage to think for himself’.

The bigger the geographical distance between a publicly listed company and an investor, the bigger the risk is that the investor assesses the value of the company inaccurately. That’s the field of research that has resulted in the prestigious Sapere Aude Award for Assistant Professor Ulf Nielsson of the Department of Finance at CBS.

The award of DKK 1 million is given out every year by The Danish Council for Independent Research to young and talented Danish researchers. The money is meant to give the researchers opportunity to hone their talents and strengthen network and career through working abroad.

Ulf Nielsson got his interest in the project when he discovered that the data pointed towards the fact that investors are more knowledgeable and updated on companies in their vicinity, e.g. households in eastern Jutland know more about Vestas than e.g. Mærsk, which has its HQ in Copenhagen.

The expression ‘Sapere Aude’ was made widely known by philosopher Immanuel Kant and has become a symbol of the Age of Enlightenment. It means something along the lines of “Dare to think for yourself”.