Sara Tatiana Schwartz Thomsen

My name is Sara Tatiana, I'm studying Ha(kom) and I'm running for the board at CBS.

Experience: I have been working with education on national level for about 4 years. I have been the president of an organisation that represents over 45.000 business school students, where I have been working with changing and promoting the HG-educations, changing the law for student body councils and other projects.

Current: I represent the business school students (HHX, HG) in two councils within the Ministry of Children and Education in Denmark. One of the councils monitors the VET schools in Denmark: curriculum, internships, development of academic level and anything else related to VET schools. The other council advice the ministry on the development of the STX, HHX, HTX in Denmark: Performance levels, curriculum and other topics relevant to the development of the educations.

Interests: I love working with education. To me it is both thrilling and fascinating to be a student in a system where students are so involved. I am running for the board because this is what I do: I represent student interests within the education system.