Sounds of the forest can help you focus on your studies

Skrevet af Kristoffer NyegaardJesper Snedker Adamsen, (versioning) - Foto: © Agsandrew | - 4. juni 2015 - 16:340 kommentarer
If you are sensitive to sound and are easily distracted by your surroundings then Noisli just might be the solution for you during your exam preparations.

A new chrome extension – also available in Apple App Store – generates a gentle stream of natural sounds or so-called ‘white noise’. This might be the perfect solution for students having a hard time abstracting from the noise produced by their fellow students.  

Noisy chewing, slurping and what’s worse… You actually entered the library with the intention of finding a nice and peaceful place to read up on your exam, but vibrating cell phones, noisy chewing and giggly girls constantly interrupt your train of thought.

In case you recognize this scenario, you just might be interested in the program Noisli, which generates natural sounds, also called white noise, in order to block out the disturbances in your immediate proximity.

Noisli allows you to combine the sounds of fire, rainfall, wind, beating of the waves, and the sounds of the forest.

From personal experience I can tell you that it works, as I used Noisli while I wrote this article and the sounds generated by Noisli almost completely blocked out the conversation between the chief editor and the translator revolved around juice diets and ideal weight.

You can add the Noisli extension free of charge in the chrome webshop and you can buy the app version in Apple App Store