Student consulting for NGO’s and Danish industry

Skrevet af Iben Pedersen SonneTranslated by Felix Kasperek - Foto: 180 Degrees Consulting - 10. februar 2012 - 5:380 kommentarer
180 Degrees Consulting Copenhagen’s Board of Directors: (from left) Emma Lindgren, Alexander Frederiksen, Markus Sundell, Simon Hamacher and Joan Stenderup.

180 Degrees Consulting is ready to start new projects with more and new student consultants – now in collaboration with the Confederation of Danish Industry.

From theory to practice by helping small NGO’s
The idea behind 180 Degrees Consulting is to offer small or new NGO’s consultant assistance from a group of students in order to help get them started or gain greater influence. This approach gives students, who are eager to put their academic skills to the test, the chance to apply their knowledge and work with real issues from the real world outside the university walls.

Student consultants from 180 Degrees Consulting are mixed together in cross disciplinary groups across universities and study programs in order to create teams who, by pooling their skills, can help the NGO’s make the best possible decisions and ensure progress for their organization and cause. A project for 180 Degrees Consulting can be helping an NGO develop a business plan or a communication strategy, essential tasks for the NGO’s that they might not always have the necessary resources to handle themselves.

After starting up in Copenhagen last summer, the student organization has worked on six projects over the course of 2011, and several of the involved NGO’s are already well on the way to implementing the strategies developed in cooperation with the student consultants from 180 Degrees Consulting.

New projects with 'Business-NGO' partnership fokus
In 2012 the number of projects has doubled, and the student organization has entered into collaboration with the Confederation of Danish Industry (Danish organization representing industries and employers) on six consulting projects with a special focus on the ‘Business-NGO’ partnership for six Danish companies – the six other projects will continue to be for smaller NGO’s.

180 Degrees Consulting is currently looking for new student consultants to work on these projects, from the Copenhagen Business School, Roskilde University and the University of Copenhagen.

The deadline for applying is February 12th, and you can apply either by filling out this form or through the 180 Degrees Consulting website.
Interested students can read more on the organizations Facebook page.