Students overwhelmingly satisfied with the social environment at CBS

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President Per Holten-Andersen believes that a cocktail of student initiatives and increased focus on entrepreneurship should form the basis for a positive, dynamic social environment at CBS in the future.

The social environment among students at CBS is quite good in comparison to that of other Danish universities. However, that should not make us rest on our laurels; CBS and its students must be determined to make sure that the social environment continues to improve. 

In a survey of student life at Danish universities conducted by the Association of Danish Lawyers and Economists (Djøf), 20 percent of respondents disagree that there is a good social environment at their universities. Furthermore, 1 in 4 respondents disagrees that the campus environment at his or her university is academically motivating.

Fortunately for CBS, it is one of the universities where most students are satisfied with the social environment; according to the survey, only approximately 10 percent of students at CBS disagree that there is a good social environment at the university.

And the numbers are dispersed roughly similarly in relation to the perception of whether the environment is academically motivating at CBS.

Student initiatives are highly valued

Attractive locations, quality education, and dedicated students; those are the three main reasons President Per Holten-Andersen gives in response to be being asked why students at CBS are overwhelmingly satisfied with the social environment at CBS.

Students’ dedication is clearly expressed through all the social activities and initiatives at CBS as more than 100 student-run organizations and clubs offer a wide variety of activities and events; from wine and whiskey tastings to yoga classes, movie nights, hunting, art exhibitions, golf, and running.

If you are interested in joining one or more of the many student organizations, you can find them all in CBS Students' Network Book.

Furthermore, large numbers of students at CBS actively seek out social environments. Most activities and events are well-attended and for instance, on several occasions the student organization CBS Talk has managed to fill the main auditorium at Solbjerg Plads to the brim on Thursday afternoons.

And in addition to typical social student activities, many organizations also have a knack for focusing on academic aspects and career prospects.

The importance of a dynamic social environment

If you ask Andreas K. Gjede, member of the boards of directors at both CBS and CBS Students, he will tell you that there is absolutely no doubt that a good social environment increases students’ desire to study and to engage themselves in extracurricular activities on campus:

- A good social environment is important for students’ well-being, their ability and desire to learn, and their commitment to the institution and their studies. A solid social environment increasingly prompts students to involve themselves actively in all kinds of activities at the university, which leads to new the formation of new relationships, ideas, and experiences, says Andreas K. Gjede.

He is absolutely certain that CBS’ success in creating a good social environment is closely correlated with the fact that CBS sports a large number of enterprising students, but stresses that the social aspect is not the only driver of a positive social environment. He believes that it is important to look at it from a more nuanced perspective:

- Academic, physical, psychological, and aesthetic aspects are important too when trying to establish a positive social environment; and I believe we have to be even more ambitious in our efforts to strengthen this symbiosis, says Andreas K. Gjede.

More cooperation and the Student Innovation House

But a good social environment has more positive effects than just increasing students’ dedication to their studies; that is the opinion of President Per Holten-Andersen:

- Social well-being promotes self-confidence and spawns courage to try new things. Thus, a positive social environment can potentially affect students’ academic competencies positively as interaction in groups often pushes people to their best, which ultimately could result in students getting better grades, says the President.

As of today, close cooperation between CBS’ management and students at CBS plays a central role, particularly in terms of donating efforts aimed at constantly trying to improve the social environment. Furthermore, CBS Students has a great reputation in the Frederiksberg area and the organization has been involved in establishing the new Graduate House in close cooperation with Frederiksberg Municipality.

And a group of active students at CBS has initiated the establishment of the Student Innovation House, which is to further strengthen the academic, physical, and social environments at CBS.

And the President is not afraid to admit that the students at CBS should receive the lion’s share of the credit for the attractive environment at CBS:

- Students at CBS are resourceful and active students are capable of many things, which we, as a university, should take even more advantage of in the coming years. An active student body is a valuable asset and we must involve students in our decision-making processes to a larger degree than we currently do, says President Per Holten-Andersen.

Down the line, it should be even clearer that CBS is and does for the students. CBS is already known for its intense focus on career prospects and opportunities and in the years to come, support to students who want to try to establish their own businesses must be improved.

- We have already planned for increased focus on entrepreneurship at CBS in the coming years, and one of the initiatives on the agenda is to make it easier for student entrepreneurs to obtain competencies from other educational sectors, concludes President Per Holten-Andersen.