Stylish, but perhaps ineffective makeover of ECO

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The newly renovated ECO. Bar: Will a 'village hall' that students can book for private events be able to contribute positively to the study environment at Dalgas Have?

By restoring ECO. Bar and implementing a new simplified booking system, CBS and CBS Students have once again tried to realize the potential of the location to promote an active study environment at Dalgas Have. But will it work? 

CBS Students still believes in ECO. Bar

With a desire to create a study environment at Dalgas Have as vibrant as the one at Solbjerg Plads, CBS and CBS Students have once again put their faith in ECO. Bar. This time it involves a complete makeover of the location resulting in a lounge look and simplified rental procedures.

Olav Bjerke Soldal, student and volunteer with CBS Students, and in charge of the development and promotion of ECO. Bar, explains the object of the new concept:

-First and foremost, CBS Students has executed the project in accordance with its motto: ‘For Students, by Students’, says Olav Bjerke Soldal and continues:

-The purpose of ECO. Bar has always been to offer the fundamental framework for the establishment of social activities at Dalgas Have and thereby reignite the environment in the building.

CBS’ free ‘village hall’ at Dalgas Have

When looking at Nexus at Solbjerg Plads you see a vibrant, publically accessible café during the day, which turns into a bar at night. It is not the intention that ECO. Bar is to replicate this formate.

-The central idea of ECO. Bar is to have a location at CBS that all students can book free of charge; a location where they can arrange their own private parties. For instance, this could be in relation to graduation, homecomings, end-of-term celebrations, or other special occasions, says Olav Bjerke Soldal.

But as CBS Students hopes to encourage far more students to use the newly renovated facilities at Dalgas Have, it is undeniable that ECO. Bar remains empty on most nights and in the daytime.

How is ECO. Bar used after the makeover?

CBS OBSERVER caught the only two students sitting at ECO. Bar working on their dissertation on a calm Monday morning. We asked the two young men whether they were familiar with the name ECO. Bar, and whether they had ever used the location before today.

Mathias Lykke and Peter Haugaard expressed their appreciation of ECO. Bar during daytime:

-Nobody comes here, so it is always nice and quiet; that is why we like to sit here, says Peter Haugaard (while telling us to not pass on this information, as he would like it to stay that way).

The two students were both familiar with the ‘old’ ECO. Bar from before the renovation and agreed that it had a more bar-like interior whereas the new version had a more lounge-like look.

Mathias Lykke tells us that he has attended a party at the ‘old’ ECO. Bar in the company of fellow students, and that the location had provided a great setting for a cozy and fun get-together. He remarks that he does consider booking the location at some point, as it is both very convenient and free of charge.

When asked whether they believe that more students would use ECO. Bar in the daytime, if it was a vibrant, open café like Nexus at Solbjerg Plads, Mathias Lykke answered:

-Solbjerg Plads holds more students. On the other hand it would definitely be nice, if ECO. Bar was a vibrant café. That would probably contribute positively to the social environment at Dalgas Have.

Book a stylish lounge free of charge!

While the renovation of the location seems to be positively received by the students, the new concept is also an attempt by CBS Students to create a more vibrant and social study environment at Dalgas Have.

Whether or not the latter has been achieved is debatable. It will only be within the confines of limited groups that this social study environment can really unfold at Dalgas Have – and left is the question of whether this is satisfactory: Does a passive, bookable location actually have any real potential of promoting a more social study environment across programs at Dalgas Have?

CBS Students’ chairman of the ECO Committee, Olav Bjerke Soldal, points out that the purpose of ECO. Bar is not that of Nexus, and that the bar conceptually operates exactly as it should.

If anything, he believes that the problem is that not enough students are aware of the possibility of booking the location and that it is absolutely free of charge. More has to be done to promote awareness of the possibilities and CBS OBSERVER hereby contributes to the best of its ability.  


What is ECO. Bar?

ECO. can be booked for Fridays 4pm – 1am by students from all CBS programs. The location has a bar, bar stools and tables, and an outdoor terrace.

Where is ECO. Bar located?

ECO. Bar is located next to the dining hall at Dalgas Have (at the pink side of the building – conveniently accessible through ‘Sidevognen’ from the dining hall).

How do I book ECO. Bar?

Send your detailed request to: or call CBS Students at +45 3815 3900 (normal opening hours apply).