Team from CBS wins this year's ComCaseCompetition

Skrevet af Helle-Lise Ritzau KaptainJesper Snedker Adamsen, (versioning) - 9. februar 2016 - 13:550 kommentarer
Christop van de Sand, Kevin Thoms, and Philip Cotz made up the winning team at this year's edition of the ComCaseCompetition.

Three German CBS students impressed in and won this year’s ComCaseCompetition. 

Milk producers are currently facing a bit of a challenge: increasing numbers of people – globally – do no longer consider milk to be an essential or even necessary part of a healthy diet.

But as the saying goes, ‘it is no use crying over spilt milk’ and thus Arla Foods accepted the invitation to be the case company in this year’s ComCaseCompetition. The competition was held at CBS on January 27th-28th and the winning team was an in-house trio of German CBS students.

Christop van de Sand, Kevin Thoms, and Philip Cotz gathered a broad palette of activities supporting a strategy that emphasizes Arla’s strengths. Among the suggestions was an ad campaign featuring a fierce team of dairy cows facing off against a weak team of milk substitutes; an idea, which, through the use of humor, is to make ‘milk doubters’ consider whether or not they are actually supporting the right team.

“The winning team impressed not only through a number of creative ideas, but also by providing a clear analysis in an impressive and convincing presentation,” says Arla’s vice president of corporate communications, Astrid Gade Nielsen, in a press release.

The winning team from CBS was up against tough competition as 10 teams competed in the 24-hour case competition and presented their solutions to the jury comprising researchers and communications experts with international experience.

ComCaseCompetition is an annual case competition focusing on global corporate communications, and it is the result of a partnership between CBS, Dansk Kommunikationsforening, and UNGKOM.

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