Three CBS students receive this year’s BCG scholarships

Skrevet af Christina Østerby, The Boston Consulting Group • Felix Kasperek, translation - Foto: Anders Meldgård Kjemtrup - 18. juni 2013 - 13:430 kommentarer
From left: Associate Rikke Lykke Larsen, Partner and Managing Director Tommi Kainu, Anders Thorup-Jensen, Jan Vejdiksen and Andreas Holmbom, Tom Dahl Østergaard, Associate BCG Thomas Klinting and Associate BCG Brett Diedrich

For the fourth year in a row BCG held its “Scholarship Workshop”, where one or more top-student who’s going on exchange gets an opportunity to earn themselves a scholarship. Three CBSers made a clean sweep against students from other universities.

The workshop, held on May 8th, not only gave the participants the opportunity to get familiar with life as a strategic consultant, but also gave them the opportunity to work in interdisciplinary groups, trying to solve a specific case.

After an exciting and intense day, the judges from BCG (The Boston Consulting Group), consisting of Anders Fæste and Jesper Damm, both Principals, found the following winners: Jan Vejdiksen (B.Sc. International Business), Andreas Holmbom (M.Sc. Finance and Accounting) and Anders Thorup-Jensen (M.Sc. Finance & Strategic Management).

The three students were awarded with the checks that can be seen in the photo above, at the awards ceremony held at BCG, June 13th.

Insight into the work of a consultant
Students on both bachelor’s and master’s level with an upcoming exchange visit could apply for the workshop where they would get the opportunity to win a travel scholarship of DKK 10,000.

After careful selection from the many applications, 25 students were selected to participate in the full-day workshop.

Anders Thorup looks back satisfied on a successful workshop, in which he liked the combination of the element of competition (in the form of a case competition) and the following interview and dinner. It was a day where he got plenty of opportunity to test his abilities in case-solving and to meet the other participants and consultants from BCG.

- It was an exciting, intense and instructive experience, which left me with a very positive impression of BCG, who’d done an excellent job of creating a challenging case in which the participants got positive support and sparring from the consultants, Anders Holmbom adds and continues:

Even though the dinner at Formel B was an obvious candidate for highlight of the day, I have to say that the best part of the day was getting to present and be challenged on your ideas in front of some of the more experienced senior consultants, he says about a day that he found giving on a professional as well as a social level.

Jan Vejdiksen tells that the best part of the workshop was meeting so many different, exciting people – both consultants from BCG and participants from different universities in Copenhagen.

- All of the many Consultants, Principals and Partners present showed BCG’s dedication to the day, which was very positive and gave me great insights into life as a consultant.

Winners travel to New York, Milan and California
The scholarships were presented at BCG’s offices on Kalvebod Brygge, where Tom Dahl-Østergaard, head of the International Office at CBS and Tommi Kainu, Partner and Managing Director in BCG and wished the winners congratulations.

Along with the congratulations, the judges committee stressed that the competition had been close and that the winners therefore had extra reason to be proud.

The three winners were all very happy with having won the scholarships, which will be spent on funding part of their upcoming exchange visits: Andreas Holmbom is going to Cornell University in New York, Anders Thorup-Jensen is going to SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan and Jan Vejdiksen is going to the University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business.