Time to talk toilets

Skrevet af Miel PedersenFelix Kasperek, translation - Foto: Henriette Frausing - 9. april 2013 - 16:420 kommentarer
If you run into one of these signs on Solbjerg Plads these days, take them seriously. The restrooms are getting a serious, much needed overhaul.

It’s no new issue that the restrooms on Solbjerg Plads have needed renovation. Improvements have been on the agenda too, but it isn’t until now that something’s actually happening.

Better late than never
Back in January 2012, OBSERVER did a piece on the foul stench coming from the restrooms of Solbjerg Plads. Back then, Campus Services promised that the restrooms would be renovated over the course of 2012. That promise couldn’t be kept, but now the renovation has begun.

Over the course of week 14, the restrooms on Solbjerg Plads will be closed in turns, switching left and right sides of blocks A, B and C in order to carry out the renovation. And later this year, brand new toilets will be installed in addition to the restrooms being painted.

So far, so good. But it doesn’t end there.

Almost twice the strain
Back when Solbjerg Campus was built, pipes and sewage planned and built for the daily use of between 3-4000 daily users, as opposed to the approximately 8000 visitors to Solbjerg Plads today, and the sewers are therefore struggling against far too great stress. As a consequence, renovation and replacement of major parts of the pipe system, as well as the establishing of new wells, has to take place – a project currently estimated to cost around DKK 125,000.

Restrooms closed Tuesday
The next step on the way to the improved restrooms will be taken on Tuesday, April 9th, where the restrooms of block A will be closed between 8.00 and 11.00. When the following steps will be taken hasn’t been published yet, which is we’d like to remind you to be prepared for possible temporary closure of the restrooms of Solbjerg Plads.