Two students aim to breathe life into leadership with CBS Talks

Skrevet af Sofie Kragh IngvorsenFelix Kasperek, translation - Foto: Henriette Frausing - 30. januar 2014 - 13:040 kommentarer
Organizers Mikkel Broeng Jacobsgaard and Sebastian von Wildenrath Løvgreen wanted hear more about management and leadership – straight from the sources. So they created CBS Talks.

CBS has a new student organization, CBS Talks. The two organizers are passionate about bringing more management and leadership theory to the CBS students and expect their initiative to become a success. Judging from the interest shown from the students so far, the expectations are coming true.

An idea of leadership and inspiration from TED-talks
Last summer, Mikkel Broeng Jacobsgaard and Sebastian von Wildenrath Løvgreen had a bright idea. They know each other from upper secondary school and are now 4th semester students in the BSc BA in Economics, and BSc BA in Business and Politics programs, respectively. And they’re very pleased with that.

However, at the same time, they felt like something was missing.

- We thought there were too few classes with a true management/leadership perspective at CBS. That led to the idea of inviting leaders from the industries to come give their advice on how to motivate yourself and your employees to going extra mile, Mikkel Broeng Jacobsgaard tells.

That idea led to CBS Talks, who will be hosting 3-4 events per semester. Here, a selection of leaders will come to CBS and share their perspective on leadership in presentations that will be free to attend for students.

You might recognize the CBS Talks concept from the famous TED (technology, entertainment and design, ed.) Talks, where speakers present their perspective on an idea or subject worth sharing with an audience. All events will be held in English.

1,200 ’Likes’ in two weeks
The CBS Talks concept has been underway since the fall, but just two weeks ago the concept went live with a Facebook page, where those interested can stay updated on upcoming events.

After just two weeks, CBS Talks’ Facebook page has more than 1,200 likes and lots of interest is evident, not only from the students, but also from the industries.

- It very quickly became clear that there are many students who seem just as excited to learn more about leadership as we are, says Sebastian von Wildenrath Løvgreen and continues:

- Additionally, it was much easier to convince leaders to come to CBS and tell us about their style of leadership than we expected. We’ve even been contacted by people from the industries who want to give presentations.

Different leaders and ambitious goals
Until now, CBS Talks seem to have great chances for success. Events have been scheduled until the summer break, and the first leader visiting CBS will be Lars Seier Christensen, CEO of Saxo Bank, who’ll visit Thursday, March 13th at 4 PM.

Lars Seier Christensen is known for, among other things, his somewhat controversial and liberal approach to business, but the two organizers have no intentions of making that the theme for future speakers.

- Lars Seier Christensen is a personal idol and he’s an incredibly speaker. So he’s the perfect first speaker, Mikkel Broeng Jacobsgaard explains.

- But our goal is to present the audience with a wide range of leaders, who are all different. The focus of our events is leadership, not politics, Sebastian von Wildenrath Løvgreen explains.

The two organizers also plan on attracting foreign names to their events, as well as collaborating with other CBS student organizations on different events.

If you’re curious and want to know more about CBS Talks and how to sign up for events, take a look at CBS Talks’ Facebook page.