Unveiling the CBS Case Competition 2012 program

Skrevet af Naima Yasin AbdiFelix Kasperek - Foto: Esben Zøllner Olesen - 23. februar 2012 - 11:020 kommentarer
The 32 volunteer students that make up the CBS Case Competition 2012 Organizing Committee

32 CBS-students have finished their preparations, and CBS Case Competition 2012 is set to launch. This year’s case company will be unveiled on Wednesday February 29th in week 9. Then the competition is on.

Raising the event-bar to extraordinary heights
The posters are up, everything is prepared and in about a week, 11 teams of undergraduate students from prestigious business schools around the world will arrive in Copenhagen. As a prelude, the volunteer students behind CBS Case Competition 2012 (CBS CC) held a promotional event on Wednesday February 15th, where students and employees on Solbjerg Plads were offered coffee and Danish pastry while the event-program for this year’s competition was presented. The recurring week 9 has grown to be one of CBS’ most important and extravagant traditional events over the years, and this year is no exception.

One week after the first promotional events, on Wednesday the 22nd of February, the Boston Consulting Group presented the first event; ’How to create the winning solution’. The BCG consultants’ presentation was especially aimed at students who want to participate in the ‘Beat the Elite’ competition and work on solving the same case as the international teams competing in the CBS Case Competition.

On Thursday February 23rd at 4pm it will be possible to watch and contribute to the panel debate ‘The Next 11’, where the upcoming 11 economic growth countries identified by Goldman Sachs will be debated. Among the participants of this panel are Jan Werner, CEO and Partner in the consultancy firm Wunderman and Erik Holst Jørgensen, CEO of Deloitte. This will be held in the large BG Fonden auditorium, SPs01.

The actual Competition week flows over with events 
This year’s CBS CC-week will be unlike anything ever seen before. Week 9 will start off with another serving of coffee and Danish pastry on Solbjerg Plads’ Studenterstrøg (the large, ground floor halls of Solbjerg Plads) on Monday February 27th. The eventful day will continue with two partner-events; a presentation of the global Danish brewery-concern Carlsberg’s sponsorship of the UEFA EURO 2012 in the SP202 auditorium at 3 pm. And at 5:30 pm, consultants from Deloitte will offer up the presentation ‘How to present your winning solution’ as another warm-up to the ‘Beat the Elite’ competition.

Tuesday February 28th starts out with a Deloitte ‘Cross-Fit Challenge’ outside the Solbjerg Plads building, followed by breakfast; this event has to be signed up for on Facebook. Deloitte also delivers a presentation about how their consultants work with entrepreneurs; this in auditorium SP202, at 3 pm.
On Wednesday February 29th, the same day the CBS CC case-company will be unveiled, Anders Breinholt, known from the talk show ‘Natholdet’ on Danish TV2, will host the talk show event ‘Den forbudte passion’ (‘The forbidden passion’) about the tobacco industry. This takes place at 3 pm in SPs01. Thursday March 1st will be the day to attend for sports-lovers, since bicycle team manager Bjarne Riis, Lars Seier Christensen, CEO and co-founder of Saxo bank and Trey Greenwood, CEO of Team Saxo Bank will be talking about Saxo Bank’s involvement in competitive bicycling at the Tour de France-level.

Friday March 2nd will be the day of the CBS CC Grand Finale, which will take place at 2 pm in BG Fonden auditorium, SPs01 on Solbjerg Plads. Here the three finalist teams will present their solutions in front of a jury made up by the ‘Who’s Who’ of the Danish business-world, in a competition final interspaced with live acts and surprises, at the end of which the winning team will be announced. The finals will be open to spectators, but as always it is a really good idea to show up in well ahead of time, as the seats usually get filled up really fast.

The whole program of week 9 can be found on Facebook, and in addition to Deloitte’s ‘Cross-Fit Challenge’ there are other events that you have to sign up for in order to participate in as well as competitions in which the main prize is two tickets to this year’s Tour de France.

Great expectations from CBS CC’s partners
Lars Seier Christensen, CEO of Saxo Bank expects to once again see the competing students be innovative and think ahead:

- I’m not just there to find a winner, but also to hear how students from all over the world plan to deal with the challenges of tomorrow. It is of great interest to see how workflows, presentations and solutions vary considerably from region to region, which just goes to show the value of employing a diversified and internationally-minded workforce in a modern company, says Lars Seier Christensen.

Oscar Mosgaard, partner in and CEO of FIH Partners is another of the many business-people involved in CBS Case Competition looking forward to this year’s competition. He has chosen to be one of the case competition-judges again this year because he finds the whole experience very exciting:

- So many people talk about talent, knowledge, global development etcetera. You guys do something about it, which I would like to contribute to promoting, is his message to the competition’s Organizing Committee, the 32 volunteer students behind CBS Case Competition.

A 100 percent student-run competition
One of the unique things about CBS CC is that it is 100 percent volunteer-student run. Every year, the entire organization is changed out and a new group of students starts working on making the competition happen. Also, the budget of the competition is wholly covered by various sponsors and funds.

Some might be tempted to think; what motivates the volunteers to put a year’s worth of work into this? Søren Emil Pedersen, Business Relations, CBS Case Competition answers:

- There are two main reasons that I’ve stated working on the CBS Case Competition; the autonomy of the work, with the possibility to shape and influence one of the leading Case Competitions in the world, and CBS’ strongest organization, and second the personal development involved. Over the last eight months, I have developed more on both an academic and a personal level than I have over the course of my entire bachelor’s degree, and I definitely feel better prepared for the challenges I might face in business. It’s been an amazing journey and I really look forward to the culmination of our joint effort over the course of week 9.

If you want to learn more, then go to CBS Case Competition’s Facebook page, where much more information about the week's events is posted.