Video: CBS Campus – stage for modern dance

Skrevet af Bjørn HyldkrogFelix Kasperek, translation - Foto: Lasse Hultén - 15. april 2013 - 15:390 kommentarer
Four of the five CBS Move dancers in the performance ’UNITY I’ – from left Stine Franker Holm, Nuno Catharina Pedersen, Miel Pedersen and Maria Flora Andersen.

Friday, April 19th at 7.00 PM, CBS Move will be performing their first show ‘UNITY I’ in Dalgas Have. CBS OBSERVER was present during the rehearsals – watch the video here.

Dynamic dance initiative in Dalgas Have
With the dance initiative CBS Move’s abstract and site specific dance performance, the dancers are taking Campus Director Rene Steffensen’s recommendation quite literally and showing how campus can be used in an alternative way.

Some of CBS’ students might even have seen CBS Move on Solbjerg Plads, where CBSLife were quick on the camera-buttons when the organization gave everyone a taste of what was to come, in the form of a flashmob. Now there’s an opportunity to see them in a performance that goes the extra mile – this time in Dalgas Have.

- The show will start in the hall at the main entrance of Dalgas Have. From there, we’ll invite people down into the basement where the performance will take place in different rooms before it ends in our dancing studio, says Stine Franker Holm, who dances in the performance and has co-founded CBS Move, in addition to being an IMK (Intercultural Market Communication, a Danish-language program) student.

Inspired by management psychology
According to the book ’Ledelse og medarbejdere – samarbejdets psykologi’ (’Management and employees – the psychology of cooperation’, red.) by Jacob Alsted and Ditte Haslund, man has a need to stand by him/herself as an individual but at the same time needs be part of relations.

And it’s the potential conflict between group and individual that’s been the source of inspiration for ‘UNITY I’.

- We here in CBS Move asked ourselves if it’s possible to be a strong individual and at the same time be part of a strong group, without compromising in either category, says Miel Pedersen, the show’s choreographer, co-founder of CBS Move, and IMK student and elaborates:

- The question of having the courage to stand by yourself and how a group can become stronger by having outsiders. That’s what our show is about.

Guest coach from Manhattan, New York
Even though the organization has primarily been concerned with modern dancing, they have a wider focus than that. At the moment, they’re practicing jazz and swing on the experienced team.

In the near future, CBS Move will be visited by Jacqueline Francesca from Manhattan, New York, who’s currently in Denmark where she’ll be teaching the dancers of CBS Move in Street Jazz.

We have lots of things up our sleeve and lots of projects. In addition to our show this week, we have an upcoming project with MarketingLab as well as an upcoming support-show, says Miel and plugs the initiative:

- So it would be a good idea to keep an eye on our Facebook page.

Does CBS Move sound like your kind of thing..?
It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced dancer or a complete rookie. The organization has teams for both the experienced and not-so-experienced dancers, as well as the complete novice who’s yet to take his/her first dancing steps.

Go to their Facebook page to see the practice schedule and stay updated with the latest initiatives.