Video: Get Spotted on Campus

Skrevet af Lasse HulténFelix Kasperek, translation - 9. april 2013 - 14:130 kommentarer
CBS OBSERVER’s representative (left) hunting spotters at Solbjerg Plads. Watch the video by clicking the red arrow (mainly in Danish).

The Facebook page Spotted can help students get into contact with (interesting and hot) students they spot around campus. The CBS students like it.

All in all, the students like the (perhaps a bit promiscuous) concept: the Facebook page Spotted: CBS Library & Campus, where users have the opportunity to anonymously submit a message to a person they’ve seen on campus and would like to get into contact with.

Spotted works by letting users submit messages to the site, describing the person they’re interested in.

Spotted then does the work for you and publishes an anonymous message on the page’s wall.

The idea is, that the person’s friends or study mates realizes who the message is about and tags the person, so contact can be established.

What do you think about Spotted? Would you use it? Feel free to throw us a comment!