Video: How not to park your bike at CBS

Skrevet af Lasse Hultén, tekst og videoproduktion • Robert Karl Bernhardt, videoproduktion • Jesper Snedker Adamsen, (versioning) - Foto: Lasse Hultén - 14. oktober 2015 - 15:480 kommentarer
What to do when it is impossible to find a spot at the bicycle racks on campus? This is an idea, but likely not a very popular one among university porters.

It is no secret that it can be a very difficult task to find a spot for your bike at one of the bicycle racks on campus; and to drive around campus in search of a vacant spot is seemingly a waste of time in the eyes of most students. 

Some students opt to park their bikes against the walls of the various buildings on campus; and some find it more convient to park their bikes next to the bicycle racks thereby establishing large enclaves of bikes that block passages for cars and pedestrians. 

The solution to the problem is alternative and innovative thinking, something students at CBS are very familiar with. But some solutions might be just a tad too creative and will likely p*ss off your fellow students as well as professors and porters.