Vote or... Shut up?

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For those of you that have not yet noticed it – next week is CBS Election Week 2010. CBS’ students once again have the obligation to elect their representatives to their study boards, CBS’ Academic Council and CBS’ Board of Directors. The election has set the wheels turning in CBS Students, who have set a goal of a one third election turnout for the 2010 election compared to last year’s which was only 18 percent.

The challenging art of getting CBS’ students to vote
CBS Students have to put a lot of work into the election week, especially if want to have any hope of reaching their goal of a one third election turnout. In order to bring the election into their co-students’ centre of attention, CBS Students has – as just one of a number of election activities – had 400 T-shirts printed with the text “Vote or…”. It is then up to the person wearing or seeing the T-shirt to define the answer to the question.

CBS Students president Emil Fuglesang offers up a rather provoking answer to the question:

- Vote or… shut up!

The answer should hopefully a motivate CBS’ students to make their way by the electronic polling booths to cast their vote. This can be done the whole of next week, Monday the 22nd to Friday 26th of November, on

12 out of 22 study boards have just enough candidates to fill places
The reason for the massive effort CBS Students are putting into this year’s election campaign also has also something to do with the low interest in standing for election to a number of the study boards. Only ten of CBS’ 22 study boards actually offer up enough candidates to have something to choose between, and CBS Students actually had to mail out to all of the students in some of the study programs in order to get enough students to just fill the places in their study board.

To these study boards the election offers only so-called peace elections, where there is really no reason to vote – something that decreases the general election turnout and the motivation to take part in the election to the two ruling bodies at CBS that also have student representation – The Academic Council and CBS’ Board of Directors.

“Vote or...” website about candidates and their platforms
According to Emil Fuglsang it is one of CBS Students’ most important tasks to ensure that the students at CBS know about and take part in the election.

- There is an important balance in this, which needs to be respected. It is not only about getting attention and getting people to vote, but also about creating the framework so people know who and what they are in fact voting for, as the CBS Students-president states it.

In order to make this so, CBS Students has established an election website where students can read more about the candidates for the study boards, the Academic Council and the Board. So please visit to read more about the candidates – and then vote for some of them!