Voter turnout at the CBS elections was actually (roughly) 25.47 percent

Skrevet af Bjørn HyldkrogJesper Snedker Adamsen, (versioning) - Foto: CBS Students/Bjørn Hyldkrog - 28. november 2014 - 13:530 kommentarer
This year's CBS elections did not brake any voter turnout records. However, one impressive feat was accomplished.

The provisional results of the 2014 CBS elections have now been released. Simultaneously, the Elections Secretariat has released a statement explaining the dramatic increase in the number of students eligible to vote; from 19,873 in 2013 to 23,344 in 2014. 

The actual voter turnout in this year’s CBS elections was actually higher than the disappointingly low voter turnout of just 23.21 percent initially reported by the Elections Secretariat… or, to be more precise: the number of registered voters was set too high.

That is the conclusion after the Elections Secretariat took a closer look at the numbers, i.e. how the number of registered voters had managed to increase by a staggering 3,471 students in just one year.

5,419 of the registered voters cast a total of 14,223 votes, a number somewhat lower than what was registered in last year’s elections. And since the student body at CBS increases annually, voter turnout was comparatively lower compared to previous elections.

However, CBS’ newly implemented administrative IT system, which produces the list of students upon which the number of registered voters is based, was a bit too inclusive. Thus, somewhat 2,000 guest students were mistakenly included on the list.

System malfunction mistakenly included 2,072 guest students

As of 2014, there are 17,625 full-time students, and 3,746 credit and master students enrolled at CBS; these are all eligible voters. Additionally, there are 797 single course students and 1,275 exchange students; these students are not eligible to vote.

This gives a total of 23,443 students, and the voter turnout was mistakenly based on this number. The Elections Secretariat has now excluded 2,072 students from the equation, thus arriving at the actual voter turnout of 25.47 percent as 5,419 students, out of 21,272 eligible voters, cast their votes.

All eligible voters were included this year

However, the improved quality of the data and the interaction between the administrative and the voter registration systems produced one positive outcome: the online voting system did not pose any problems and all voters experienced a smooth process, which stands in contrast to the experiences of previous years.

Thus, a minor number of eligible voters were omitted from voting statistics in previous years prompting the conclusion that the record-setting turnouts at these previous elections were somewhat exaggerated.

It is now up to the Elections Secretariat to decide whether or not the inclusion of ineligible voters in this year’s elections should be allowed to influence, or possibly change the preliminary outcome of the elections. However, it is highly unlikely that they will as the error is relatively insignificant plus the fact that all eligible voters were able to vote.

The winners of the elections

Meanwhile, the preliminary results of the elections have been announced and can be found here. However, here are the most important results:

Andreas Kristian Gjede received 1,945 personal votes and was elected to the seat on the Board of Directors. He beat Daniel Damian (609 personal votes) and Kristoffer Malmmose Nyegaard (132 personal votes). Voter turnout in this election was 20.87 percent.

In addition to the personal votes received by the 3 candidates, CBS Students received 805 votes. CBS SOL had nominated one candidate, Matthias Raptis-Brødsgaard , who received 312 personal votes and 144 general votes.

3 seats in the Academic Council were up for grabs in this election, only CBS Students had nominated candidates, and the 3 new members of the council are: Sebastian Vincent Szabad (759 personal votes), Nicolai Brændstrup Boesen (628 personal votes), and Mads Ellermann Holmbom (577 personal votes).

One record was set at the elections

All 22 students enrolled in the BSc in International Shipping and Trade program voted; thus, resulting in a voter turnout of 100 percent, a feat never previously recorded in any CBS election.