We play the Sport of Kings at CBS too

Skrevet af Miel PedersenFelix Kasperek, translation - Foto: Lasse Hultén - 22. maj 2014 - 17:340 kommentarer
Miel Pedersen of CBS OBSERVER was sent out to report on CBS Polo Club. See the video of how it went by clicking on the picture.

Video: Now you can play Polo in the auspices of CBS. CBS OBSERVER saddled up with CBS Polo Club and around 20 other CBS students who had come to try their luck with the intense sport.

It really started in Persia, around 2500 years ago. Later, the Anglo-Indian officers brought the game to the rest of the world.

In 2013, the Danish polo club started, and now there’s a polo club at CBS.

Club technique and a turn on the wooden horse

The day started out a bit less action packed than one would have hoped, with a theory lesson on grass. The participants were taught about how to use the club to strike, and once we’d learned how to hit the little white ball on foot, we got a turn on the wooden horse where we – with a longer club – had to find the balance point again.

Finally, after everyone had been through the motions, we got to saddle up. We got a feel for the horses and got to work on the club technique in the different gaits.

Around midday, we enjoyed a nice common lunch, after which a bit of theory was on the menu. We ended the day off by playing a chukka. (Chukka = one half of a game of polo)

A King of Sports with room for everyone

Even though polo has a reputation for being an elitist sport, there was no arrogance or elitism to be found – quite the contrary actually. With muddy boots, all the participants were enjoying themselves with each other, when clubs and balls were through the air.

In a lot of ways, polo can be compared to golf, in that everyone can learn it and everyone can get in on the action. It doesn’t matter whether you’re big or small. If you play tournaments, you get measured and assessed for a handicap and the handicap must be equal for both teams in a game. That way, fair play is ensured.

The theory coach of the day, Christian Mellentin, co-founder of the Danish Polo Association emphasized that polo is a very social sport, with camaraderie highly valued.