Welcome (back) - now hurry up and graduate!

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Students at CBS have always been able to run fast, but now the government wants them to increase the pace in order to graduate as fast as possible.

The Study Progress Reform: You should start your university program earlier and finish it faster. To help you do that members of the Danish Parliament have amended changes in relation to study regulations and the state education grants; changes that will affect all CBS students. Get to know how right here. 

Changes for current and new students

Last year the Danish Parliament passed the so-called Study Progress Reform. The object of the reform is to avoid unnecessary delays and thereby enable students to graduate faster.

Earlier this year CBS OBSERVER published an article describing how CBS is handling the Study Progress Reform. Among other measures the average time of study must be cut by 4.3 months.

So, how will this specifically affect you, the students? It depends on when you started your program, and the structure of your specific program.

Reduced education grants if you wait more than 2 years

A significant change for students starting their undergraduate programs in 2014 is the new set of regulations in relation to state education grants. For current CBS students these regulations will be gradually implemented in 2015 and 2016.

If you apply for an undergraduate program no later than two years after you graduate a qualifying program, e.g. high school, you will still be eligible for student grants throughout the official duration of your study program plus grants for an additional 12 months.

However, if you have opted to wait more than two years before applying, you will lose eligibility for the additional 12 months of student grants.

Reduced grants for students living at home

If you choose to live with your parents while studying, you will only be eligible for a significantly smaller student grant. This measure will be implemented in the summer of 2015.

This is because regulations related to student grants will become equivalent for all students living at home whether you are studying at high school level or university level.

In 2013 rates this translates to a monthly minimum grant of DKK 893 with the possibility of an addition of up to DKK 1,586 depending on your parents’ income level.  

Elevated earnings ceiling and cash bonus for the quick

On the other hand the earnings ceiling – the monthly maximum gross income allowable when receiving student grants – is elevated.

In 2013 the lowest earnings ceiling for students enrolled at higher education institutions was DKK 9,043. In January this amount was increased by DKK 1,500 per month (2013 levels), and entering 2015 the amount will be increased by an additional DKK 1,000 (2013 levels).

For students who are scheduled to graduate post January 1st 2016, it has been politically decided to introduce a cash bonus, which is awarded to students who graduate earlier than the official duration of their program.

For each month left according to the official duration of your program when you graduate, you will receive 50 percent of the monthly grant, which amounts to DKK 2,877 at 2013 levels.

You can get additional information on the student grants reform here.

Automatic registration for exams and retake exams

However, student grant regulation is not the only thing affected by the Study Progress Reform. Changes to many other study related regulatory areas will be implemented.

This will be a reality from the fall semester of 2015, if you are already enrolled in a program at CBS or if you start your graduate program in September this year. On the other hand, if you start your undergraduate program in September, the new regulations apply immediately.

The new set of regulations means that students will be automatically registered for courses and exams equivalent to 60 ECTS points per year. Furthermore, students will be automatically registered for the first retake exam, if the ordinary exam is not passed.

This means that if you are trailing according to the schedule of your program, you will now have to do retake exams while also doing ordinary exams.

Only bachelor’s degree relevant to graduate program application

The 2014 graduate program screening process was somewhat a thriller for many of the CBS students, who had applied for a graduate program different from the one they could legally make claims for.

Next year it will be virtually impossible to get enrolled in a graduate program other than the one connected to your undergraduate program. You might as well stop yourself from trying.

According to the Study Progress Reform, CBS is only allowed to take into consideration the courses you have attended during your undergraduate program.

Admission requirements for graduate programs at CBS can only be met through an undergraduate program.

In other words, it is no longer relevant to attend supplementary courses, e.g. CBS’ summer university (ISUP) courses, which means that you will have to carefully plan ahead when choosing electives.

Graduate programs must be finished in 3 years, not 5

In case you opt to attend courses offered by another university than CBS, e.g. by going abroad, you will still have to apply for pre-approval.

The pre-approval is still valid, but you no longer have to apply for credit transfer. Now, the credit transfer process will be conducted automatically when CBS receives confirmation of passed courses.

This applies from this semester for both undergraduate and graduate students.

If you are one of the 4,000 students who will commence a graduate program at CBS in September, you are required to graduate within 3 years; this requirement has been changed from 5 to 3 years.

In relation to this, the deadline for handing in your dissertation contract is December 15th 2015, which means that you will have to hand in your dissertation and do your dissertation defense no later than in the summer of 2016 – or December of 2016, or the summer of 2017, if you are not able to graduate in accordance with the official duration of your program.

You can get additional information on the new regulations - and how they affect you – at e-campus.dk. Here, Student Hub contact information is also available, as this is the office you have to contact, if you have any questions or need assistance in relation to planning your time here at CBS.