What the CBS elections are all about

Skrevet af Jørn AlbertusJesper Mårtensson, idé og manus til video • Nicolaj Muff, idé og manus til video • Jesper Snedker Adamsen, (versioning) - 14. november 2014 - 11:510 kommentarer
CBS Students' informational and instructional video is an elegant cartoon.

CBS Students has produced an elegant instructional video explaining what next week’s CBS elections are all about. 

Watch it.

That is CBS OBSERVER’s recommendation in case you are not that familiar with next week’s elections.

And do remember to cast your vote! First and foremost for your own sake, but also to support CBS’ ambition of surpassing the turnout at the recent elections at Roskilde University, which reached a record-setting 35.22 percent.

Before the elections at Roskilde University, CBS held the record for the largest turnout in a university election with 29.59 percent.

As of Monday November 17th, you can cast your vote here. You can also visit the site now to check out the candidates.