Win the job of your dreams with energy giant Schneider

Skrevet af Niklas Frijs-MadsenFelix Kasperek, translation - Foto: Schneider Electric - 10. februar 2014 - 17:060 kommentarer
Go Green in the City with Schneider Electric and an electric car

CBS’ students are cordially invited to participate in an exciting competition where the dream job for those with energy interests is at stake. The global energy specialist Schneider Electric’s competition is a good example of a new trend in talent recruitment.

New meaning in ’competing for the great jobs’
If you have a passion for green energy, process optimization and colossal challenges related to population growth and ‘megacities’ then Schneider Electric’s Go Green in the City competition might interest you.

The competition is a good example of a growing trend in HR in the struggle for attracting the most talented future employees – namely, having international competitions where the students are tested on their their insight and ability to think innovatively.

The variations are many. From case competitions and workshops, to billboards with advanced mathematical riddles, the solutions to which are to be sent to HR employees in e.g. Google.

The message is clear. Proving what you’ve studied is no longer enough. Students must be able to demonstrate that they have the ability to contribute with concrete solutions and new knowledge.

Go Green in the City, now for CBS students
For the first time, the global energy specialist Schneider Electric is inviting Danish students to compete in their global recruitment competition Go Green in the City.

Schneider is an energy optimization specialist and is looking for students with innovative ideas regarding how to minimize energy usage in cities across the globe. The competition will mainly be based on bigger metropolises, currently growing all over the world.

‘Megacities’ has become a buzzword used by futurists and environmental activists as well as investment bankers and city planners. It describes the rising urbanization and its consequences for the environment, infrastructure and commercial activities.

With around half of the global population based in cities, the need for energy in these areas is obviously large. Cities are already responsible for over 75 percent of the world’s energy consumption, a number expected to grow in the future.

Even though recruiting the top talents is placed highly on Schneider’s list, the company isn’t trying to hide their primary interest.

- We’re trying to find the green ideas that can help further develop our work reducing the energy consumption in the growing cities, says HR consultant Line Orloff.

So the students and aspiring Schneider consultants are going to help solve the challenges of increased urbanization and the cities’ need for electricity.


Four simple steps for Go Green in the City
If you’re a CBS student and would like to join, you have to be quick, because the deadline for participation is already on February 15th. So you have to think fast, if you aspire for a career in the energy sector.

Luckily, Schneider has made the application process nice and simple, and divided it into four steps:

  1. 1. Find a partner and an innovative, energy saving idea
  2. 2. Visit
  3. 3. Take ‘The Energy Challenge’
  4. 4. Send in your idea via the application form

The 100 best teams will get a mentor to help them develop a synopsis and a video before the 12 best teams will be chosen and flown to Schneider Electric’s headquarters in Paris, where the winner will be found.

Last year, a team from the Philippines won with their project ‘Oscillohump’ that collects energy from road humps through electromagnetic induction. Could this be the year where we’ll see a Dane on the podium?