Writing competition for new CBS students

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Participate in CBS OBSERVER's writing competition and get the chance to win an iPad Mini.

Are you a new student at CBS? Are you good at writing? CBS OBSERVER rewards the best article, blog post, or the best debate piece with an iPad Mini. The deadline is September 30th. 

First of all, welcome to CBS. Now, we want to test your ability to write something relevant for CBS students.

CBS OBSERVER would like to challenge everyone itching to write and we will reward the best product with an iPad Mini – whether it is an article, a blog post, a debate piece, or something similar is entirely up to you. Deadline is September 30th.

The best contributions will go through editing and will be posted on our website, but only the single best contribution will be awarded an iPad Mini.

The editor decides which contributions are good enough for publication, while the entire CBS OBSERVER editorial staff elects the final winner.

Remember; it must be relevant to people at CBS

This competition is exclusively for new students at CBS – primarily new undergraduates, but new graduate students are also eligible for participation.

Your contribution must be sent to us from the CBS student email account you have just been given, e.g. jead14ab@student.cbs.dk. The number 14 indicates that you have been enrolled this year.

You can choose to write an article, a debate piece, a comment, a feature article, or a blog post, or an essay. It just has to be directly relevant for people at CBS.

It MUST be relevant for people at CBS. Even if you write something worthy of a Pulitzer Prize, it will not be in contention without relevance for the CBS community.

Aside from that restriction, almost anything goes.

Volume, illustrations, and other criteria

Your contribution must be between 3,000 and 5,000 keystrokes including spaces – however, a little more or a little less is acceptable.

It must include a headline, a short synopsis/introduction, and naturally a body text; and it should be aligned with the general structure and dimensions of the content on cbsobserver.dk. If these criteria are not met, we will edit your contribution; however, applying these criteria yourself will make a positive impression in relation to the screening process.

Your contribution must include an illustration; if you are writing an article, you should attach a picture relating to the subject-matter of the article. If you are writing a comment, your contribution should include a picture of you, the author, at CBS.

NB: Thumbnails taken from i.e. Facebook are not accepted; the minimum requirement is a picture taken with the camera on your cell phone.

You cannot submit your contribution anonymously. The author’s full name and program must be stated as well as the name of the photographer, if this is not the author.

Send your contribution to red.observer@cbs.dk, and make sure that we receive it no later than September 30th.

Editing, publication, and awarding

Competent contributions will be edited and published as we receive them. The final winner will be contacted and awarded in early October; and this event will be covered by CBS OBSERVER.

Ready, set, go!